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VASNER – high-quality products for your home.

Exacting demands for functionality combined with excellent designs: This makes VASNER products stand out. For us, it is essential that home feels like home to you. Adding just the right VASNER product to your home not only feels good, but you can also furnish your home with our clever designs.

Experience the subtle difference of VASNER’s high-quality products for your home, apartment, terrace and garden. As a German brand, we understand your desire to purchase a high-quality product. That is why we have individually designed every single product – right down to the very last detail.

VASNER – a piece of home.

vasner technology for your comfort
VASNER Infrared Quality Products - Panel Heaters and Patio Heaters


Comparison-test winner: VASNER Appino 20 2015CAFI - Very good (1,4) In a comparison of electric patio heaters
Testsieger 2017 VASNER Baby Heizstrahler

Appino 20 named the winner in a comparison of electric patio heaters.

VASNER presents the newly appointed winner “Appino 20”. It asserted itself against 6 competitors. This was confirmed by the independent comparison portal “Vergleich.org”. Amongst other things, the electric heaters were judged regarding the following points:

  • Indoor & outdoor suitability + splash resistance
  • 5 selectable heat settings
  • Adjustable radiation angle
  • Remote control + bluetooth app control

VASNER – reliable quality.

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Comparison-test winner: VASNER Cooly pedestal fan - Very good (1,2) in a comparison of pedestal fans

Cooly – the winner in a comparison of pedestal fans 2017.

The “Cooly pedestal fan” award is the new addition to VASNER’s winning streak of acclaimed products. Once again, VASNER beat 6 competitors on its way to first place. This was confirmed by the independent comparison portal “Vergleich.org”. Among other criteria, the fans were judged on the following conditions:

  • Power
  • Low noise / volume
  • Adjustability
  • Product benefits / functions

VASNER – reliable quality.

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Zipris Premium Infrared Heaters

The innovative “Zipris” series is the new addition to VASNER’s infrared heater selection. Four new models embody our brand’s standards of German quality. A sleek masterpiece featuring innovative technology and a premium design.

  • White frameless infrared glass heater
  • Infrared mirror heater
  • Infrared mirror heater with circumferential LED light
  • Infrared mirror heater with lateral LED light

The extra slim design was developed especially for our design-oriented customers. Highlights include the exclusive LED infrared mirror heaters for bathrooms, hallways and dressing rooms. Made in Germany featuring true German glass, mirrors, LED and infrared technology. The Zipris infrared heaters are not only eye catchers, but also an incomparable demonstration of quality.

VASNER – 100% Made in Germany.

VASNER Elektroheizung Produktqualität
Lufthansa World Shop catalogue opened to VASNER BEATZZ page

“Lufthansa Miles & More”
presents the Appino BEATZZ

In their latest main catalogue, Lufthansa Miles & More introduces VASNER’s new infrared patio heater “Appino BEATZZ”. It fits perfectly with Lufthansa’s innovative standards regarding technology and design. Its new functions, including bluetooth app control, music streaming + a sound system, aswell as an LED backlight, help the Appino BEATZZ set the bar higher.

VASNER – living innovation.

The cover of our VASNER 01.2017 product catalogue

VASNER's new product catalogue 02.2017
Fall | Winter 2017 / 2018

Now available as a PDF download. (14.8 MB)

Discover VASNER’s new product range.
With our new fall & winter highlights.
High standards of design and quality.



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