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VASNER – High Quality Products for Your Home

High standards of functionality and efficiency paired with exquisite design: This distinguishes VASNER climate control and heating solutions from the products of other manufacturers. Because, here at VASNER, we would like you to feel comfortable in your home at all times. Experience the benefits of our carefully designed products, while integrating them into your existing decor and setting elegant accents. Feel the significant quality difference with high-grade VASNER brand products in your house, apartment or garden and on your patio.

As a German brand and manufacturer, we appreciate the high standard expected from a well-designed and efficient product. Therefore, every single one of our products is meticulously developed down to the very last detail. Recently, the magazine TESTBild named VASNER their TOP BRAND 2018 of “Home & Living” in the category “Electronic heaters, fan heaters & radiators”. VASNER – Distinguished quality.

VASNER – A piece of home.

vasner technology for your comfort

VASNER – Your Manufacturer for Infrared Heating Panels and Patio Heaters.

VASNER is a leading manufacturer of radiant heating panels and infrared patio heaters. Our especially efficient products create cosy warmth and an ideal climate in individual rooms, apartments, offices and entire houses. All while keeping overall costs low. VASNER infrared panel heaters are ideal as auxiliary heaters for extra warmth in addition to gas and oil heaters or underfloor heating systems. Alternatively, they can be used as a primary heat source throughout your entire home. No matter if you are looking to heat a new building, upgrade your heating system during renovation work or find the ideal heating solution for your building extension: The innovative VASNER heating panel is used for various purposes all across Europe.

VASNER Infrared Quality Products - Panel Heaters and Patio Heaters

The efficient and sustainable alternative to oil and gas heaters.

You choose …

… the energy mix to power your heating system.
Maybe even your own photovoltaic electricity?

View our panel heater models:

Infrared heating panel models & guide


Colourful glass infrared panel heater


Zipris Premium Infrared Heating Panels

The innovative “Zipris” series is the new addition to VASNER’s infrared panel heater selection. Four new models embody our brand’s standards of German quality. A sleek masterpiece featuring innovative technology and a premium design.

  • White frameless infrared glass panel heater
  • Mirror infrared heating panel
  • Mirror infrared panel heater with circumferential LED light
  • Mirror infrared heating panel with lateral LED light

The extra-slim design was specifically developed for design-orientated customers. Amongst the new additions, the exclusive LED mirror heating panels for bathrooms, hallways, and dressing rooms are especially noteworthy. Made in Germany, this product features German glass, mirrors, LED and infrared technology. Zipris infrared panel heaters are not only true eye-catchers, but also unique and unparalleled in their quality.

VASNER – 100% Made in Germany.

VASNER Elektroheizung Produktqualität
Zipris S + SR Infrared Mirror Heater


Comparison-test winner: VASNER Appino 20 2015CAFI - Very good (1,4) In a comparison of electric patio heaters
Testsieger 2017 VASNER Baby Heizstrahler

Infrared Heater Appino 20 Repeatedly Named Test & Comparison Winner for Patios

VASNER presents the multiple award winning infrared heater “Appino 20”. On several occasions, independent comparison and test portals have confirmed the superior performance and quality of this professional radiant heater. Amongst other things, the patio heater was judged on the basis of the following aspects and categories:

  • Indoor & outdoor use
  • Dimmability und heating levels
  • Adjustable radiation angle
  • Remote control + bluetooth app control

VASNER – Reliable quality.

View our winner


Stand up heater in three colours

The Infrared Stand-Up Heater “StandLine Mini” in White + Grey

Modern patios and conservatories increasingly tend to feature light colours. To match these designs, the high-performance freestanding radiant heater “Standline Mini 12” is now available in the new colour variants white and silver-grey. Small, powerful and suitable for any room design.

VASNER – When performance counts.

View the heater


Ventilator Testsieger VASNER Cooly Standventilator im Vergleich

Cooly – The Comparison-Test Winner Amongst Pedestal Fans

With the new award for VASNER’s “Cooly pedestal fan” the manufacturer continues its streak of award-winning products. Once again, a VASNER product has triumphed over 6 other contestants. This was confirmed by the independent comparison portal “Vergleich.org”. Among other criteria, the fans were judged on the basis of following points:

  • Performance
  • Noise / Volume
  • Adjustability
  • Product benefits / features

VASNER – Reliable quality.

View our winner
Lufthansa World Shop catalogue opened to VASNER BEATZZ page

“Lufthansa Miles & More“
Presents the Appino BEATZZ

In their latest main catalogue, Lufthansa Miles & More presents VASNER’s new infrared patio heater “Appino BEATZZ”. It fits perfectly with Lufthansa’s innovative standards regarding technology and design. With its new functions such as bluetooth control, music streaming + sound system, as well as LED backlight, the Appino BEATZZ sets whole new standards.

VASNER – Active innovation.

The cover of our VASNER 01.2017 product catalogue

VASNER Product Catalogue
Consistent Brand Quality

Now available for download as a PDF. (14.8 MB)

Discover VASNER’s current product range.
With our latest highlights surrounding house, garden, and patio.
High standards of design & quality.



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