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Brand quality

The German brand VASNER is committed to tradition. We have paid particular attention to certain elements, including optimum functionality, high product quality and the best possible design. First-class product designs can either be integrated seamlessly so they melt into their surroundings, or they can purposefully accentuate your home. Regardless of how a product is used, we want it to always work perfectly and for our customers to be filled with joy every day. Only then have we achieved our aim with our fantastic VASNER products.

We live by the high standards of VASNER brand quality, ensuring you are always satisfied.

New products & future range

Amazing and innovative products for your home – be it in the house, garden or on the terrace. At VASNER, we are committed to continually developing our range innovatively and adapting it to meet current requirements. This means we are always developing new products that not only fulfil various tasks around your home but also look great. During the development phase, we primarily focus on quality instead of the speed at which our developments are implemented. This is because good, innovative products are only a success in our customers’ eyes if they have been carefully thought through and are error-free. Product managers and designers work together to incorporate current trends and the latest technical requirements in a product to make it successful. We believe in VASNER quality. Come and see for yourself.

Open feedback culture

A brand and its products can only be successful and appeal to customers if it evaluates itself critically and encourages an open feedback culture. By listening to our customers and their comments, at VASNER we can improve even further to develop and manufacture the best products for you. Please see this as an open invitation to contact us at any time should you have any comments, criticisms or suggestions relating to any of our products. We want to understand so that we can improve for you. We look forward to receiving your message or taking your call, and would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to contact us!

VASNER Elektroheizung Produktqualität

Long-standing competence in the field of infrared technology

The enterprise VASNER was one of the first providers of infrared products on the German market. Our experience of over 6 years in the infrared industry ensures superior technological knowledge and the necessary expertise to produce high-quality infrared heaters and infrared heating panels. Our quality infrared products are a daily showcase of our vast knowledge in this area. Strict tests and certifications offer further assurance.

Distinguished, award-winning products

VASNER products have been awarded time and time again and come up on top as test winners. That alone speaks volumes. This motivates us to continue developing great products to offer to you and ultimately satisfy you.