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Infrared Heating Requirement Calculator
The Cost to Run Infrared Panel Heaters

With the infrared heating requirement calculator by VASNER, you can quickly and easily determine the needed watt output and the resulting costs to run infrared panel heaters in your living space. The results reflect a realistic, reliable calculation of the required heating power in order to enjoy pleasant warmth even on cold winter days. Many years of practical experience have shown that when calculating a building’s heating requirements, there are often a number of individual influencing factors that need to be taken into account. For this reason, we recommend that you additionally discuss your project with a specialised VASNER partner or one of our experts in a second step after an initial assessment using our infrared heating requirement calculator. This allows small but important details to be taken into account. So that you receive an accurate and customised overview of the cost to run an infrared panel heater in your home.

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Contact us if you have any questions regarding your calculation. We, or one of our VASNER specialist partners, will help you quickly and easily. So that you receive reliable results as a basis for further planning.

Determine Energy Consumption and the Cost to Run Infrared Panel Heaters

The VASNER Infrared Heating Requirement Calculator

Below, you can use our infrared heating requirement calculator to determine the needed wattage and running energy costs for your various rooms. The calculation is based on the power demand and consumption of an infrared heating element as a primary heat source / main heating system. If you would like to use an infrared heating panel as an auxiliary heater, you can assume a significantly lower energy consumption (less than half of the usual amount). The heating calculator, however, always displays the energy consumption and the resulting costs to run an infrared panel heater as your primary heating system.

The calculation does not depend on the infrared heating panel model chosen later. On the basis of the results (watts / energy requirement per room), you will be able to estimate how many infrared panel heaters are needed for cosy warmth throughout your house. When planning infrared heating systems, many combinations are possible in order to meet your demands in terms of design, generated warmth and the total cost to run infrared panel heaters.

The infrared heating requirement calculator estimates the energy consumption and cost to run an infrared panel heater in rooms with a ceiling height of 2,5 m. In order to represent a realistic heat calculation all year round, the Ø is calculated with 180 heating days per year and a daily heating time of Ø 6 hours per day. We refrain from calculations with minimum values and minimum requirements in order to represent realistic infrared heating costs. So that you are guaranteed to be satisfied in the future.

Your Requirement Calculation:

{{ totalWatts }} kW
{{ totalArea }} m²
{{ totalEnergyConsumption }} kW/h
{{ totalCosts.toFixed(2) }} €

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Cost to run infrared panel heaters by VASNER

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