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VASNER – Your experienced manufacturer and specialist for infrared panel heaters, that stand out through innovation, German quality, high functionality and a stylish design.

VASNER panel heaters are top-quality products with high-grade technology that transform every room into a cosy little oasis. As a specialist with many years of experience with infrared heating panels, we offer you all-round support for all your projects. In this infrared panel heater guide, we have compiled all the information you need to make an informed purchase decision.

How does this special type of heater work? How can you save energy and money via infrared heating and what should you consider when buying a panel heater? We will answer all these questions and many more in the following guide.

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Which Panel Heater Types Does VASNER Offer?

VASNER offers a wide range of different electric panel heater types. When it comes to our infrared heating panels, particular focus is placed on a flat design and space-saving construction. This ensures a harmonious integration of the heating system into any room layout and interior decor. Only high-quality infrared technology enables the production of ultra-flat, space-saving heaters with high thermal efficiency. As a result, VASNER infrared panel heaters are ideal for use in new buildings as well as for retrofitting and remodeling existing buildings and rooms.

An even radiation of infrared (IR) warmth, maximum longevity and excellent workmanship are the hallmarks of high-quality electric panel heaters. Modern IR heating systems are distinguished by the high quality of their inner technology, as well as premium materials, great functionality and elegant design. Below, we present VASNER’s large product range together with the special features of each panel heater. Place your trust in VASNER’s many years of experience with infrared heating for every project. We will gladly advise you thoroughly regarding your plans.

VASNER Infrared Panel Heater Model Overview:

Citara M Metal Heating Panel

Infrared Heating Panels Metal VASNER

Citara M Plus Rounded Metal Panel

Designer panel heaters with rounded corners

Citara G Infrared Glass Heater

Infrared radiators white glass

Zipris S + SR Mirror Heater

Panora Infrared Picture Heater

Konvi Hybrid Infrared Convection Heater

Konvi Plus Rounded Hybrid Heater

Konvi VE Vertical Hybrid Panel

InfraRaster Ceiling Tile Heater

Infrared Panel Heater Guide > Comprehensive Answers to All Your Questions:

VASNER Panel Heater Guide

Infrared heating originates from the most natural form of thermal energy that mankind has known for thousands of years from the pleasant warmth of the sun and the radiant glow of campfires. Precisely this natural principle of radiation warmth creates a cosy atmosphere in your home and office. Aside from its pleasant effect, this type of heating offers many other advantages.

In contrast to its natural origin and unchanging operating priciple, the technology with which cosy infrared warmth is created has changed dramatically. In search of new, sustainable energies and with a sharpened awareness for style and efficiency, more and more people are opting for a modern, flexible and cost-effective heating method: infrared panel heaters.

Application Areas of Infrared Panel Heaters

An infrared panel heater can be used for both private and commercial purposes. The special electric heaters are suitable for heating certain work or living spaces, different rooms and entire apartments or buildings.

The Infrared Bathroom Panel Heater

Infrared bathroom heater

Infrared Panel Heaters in your Garden House

Infrared panel heater for garden huts and cottages

The Infrared Panel Heater as an Energy Efficient Auxiliary Heater

Auxiliary panel heaters

Infrared Heating Panels to Replace Night Storage Heaters

Infrared instead of electric night storage heaters

The Infrared Panel Heater Ideally Combined with Photovoltaics

Infrared solar heater

The Infrared Panel Heater in the Catering Industry

Professional infrared panel heaters for restaurants and other businesses

Infrared Panel Heaters in Campers

Infrared radiant panels in campers

The Infrared Panel Heater for Children’s Rooms

Infrared nursery heater

Using an Infrared Panel Heater for Frost Protection

Radiant heating panels with thermostat for frost protection

Infrared Panel Heaters Against Mould

The infrared panel heater against moisture and mould

Infrared Heating Explained
Definition and Principle of Operation

What is an infrared panel heater?

“Infrared panel heater” is the term used for electric radiators that increase the room temperature by emitting infrared rays.

The heating panel can be designed in different ways, but the underlying principle always remains the same: The carbon infrared technology behind the chosen protective layer is activated by means of an electrical voltage and infrared heat radiation is emitted to the front and sides of the device in the form of waves.

The principle of IR heating is comparable to the warmth of the sun. The sun also emits infrared rays that produce direct heat. We clearly feel this effect when we stay outside for a longer period of time on cool but sunny days. Even though the temperature of the air does not change, we begin to feel warm thanks to the direct radiant heat of the sun. This is also the priciple behind an infrared panel heater.

Convection heating, on the other hand, works quite differently: Air is warmed up by the heater and the natural movement of cold and warm air through the room increases the general temperature.

  • Powered by electricity (renewable, photovoltaics…)

  • Heating technology operates invisibly & maintenance-free

  • Emits long-wave infrared C radiation

  • Directly heats people + objects in a pleasant way

  • No immediate heating of the air (convection)

  • Sun-like, natural warmth

  • Ideal for renovation work and new buildings

  • Cost advantage regarding acquisition & operation

A panel heater evenly heats the objects that are exposed to its infrared rays. Furniture, walls and other things store the heat and release it to their surroundings in the room. The advantage of infrared heating is that, for your well-being, the air in the room can have a lower temperature without forgoing pleasant warmth. A great climate without the downside of dry, stuffy air.

Infrared Panel Heater Benefits

No matter whether you would like to purchase a single infrared panel heater or are thinking about completely switching to a modern heating solution: With an infrared heating panel you benefit from numerous advantages.

Advantages of IR Panel Heaters Explanation
Safe, reliable technology A modern infrared panel heater meets the highest demands in terms of quality and durability. With relevant certifications and flawless technology, you can rely on a product that will accompany you for many years and enrich your home with cosy warmth.
Flexible use anywhere in the house While traditional heaters are permanently installed, an infrared heating panel can be mounted or hung anywhere where there is a socket or power source. There are no limits to the positioning of your radiator: freestanding or installed on the ceiling / wall – you choose freely where you would like to benefit from the pleasant radiant warmth.
Low panel heater prices Compared to conventional heating systems, the acquisition costs of a panel heater are very low. Depending on the model, the price of infrared heating panels can be as low as a few hundred euros. Even elaborately decorated IR heaters with a special mirror design or an individual picture motif are much cheaper than setting up a conventional heating system with all its necessary pipes. Infrared heaters are therefore among the most cost-efficient central heating systems when it comes to their purchase and installation.
High cost efficiency Infrared panel heaters can reduce your heating costs in the long run and also require a much lower initial investment than a conventional heating system. To find out whether switching to IR heating is worthwhile for you, you can perform a precise calculation. We will be happy to inform you in more detail about what you need to consider when calculating future heating costs.
Easy heating panel installation You can quickly and easily install a panel heater yourself. Mounting the device on the wall or ceiling is child’s play thanks to the patented wall or ceiling bracket included with all VASNER heating panels. Alternatively, the radiant heater can be set up flexibly in any room using additional support feet.
Simple use An infrared panel heater can not only be mounted quickly, it can also be put into operation immediately. Simply plug it in and set the temperature: Now you can enjoy the pleasant, gentle warmth. Control the temperature flexibly via socket, radio or flush-mounted thermostat.
No time-consuming maintenance If you opt for an IR heating panel, then you benefit from a maintenance-free product. The heater performs well for many years and does not need to be checked regularly or inspected officially. This also eliminates long-term maintenance costs.
Highly pleasant heat Especially allergy sufferers benefit from IR panel heaters, because in contrast to convection heaters no dust is stirred up by heat radiation. No unpleasant, dry air is generated by the heating system, but rather a cosy room climate: With IR heating you can turn your home into a true oasis of well-being.
The panel heater –
A heating system with style
If you would like to furnish your home stylishly down to the smallest detail, infrared heating panels are a great choice. Unlike other radiators, a panel heater stands out thanks to its ultra-flat design. The sleek radiant panels can be disguised, for example, as a mirror or picture. So electric panel heaters not only provide warmth, but are also often used as a multifunctional, decorative highlight.

Panel Heater Downsides: An Overview

Infrared Heating Panels Disadvantages Explanation
Socket required for use Since an infrared panel heater is an electric heater, a power source is required for operation. This can be seen as a disadvantage in some households with a limited number of sockets. Alternatively, VASNER infrared heating panels can be permanently connected to the electrical circuit. Even if the mains plug is cut off in order to do so, the manufacturer’s warranty on the electric radiators remains valid. The only prerequisite is that the process is carried out by an electrician or another qualified professional. Thus the infrared panel heater does not necessarily take up a socket and can be discreetly mounted on the wall or ceiling without visible cables. Those who would like to combine their heating panel with support feet for mobile use will also appreciate the integrated mains plug of VASNER heaters. This makes it easy to move the slim panel from room to room and reconnect it within seconds.
Increase in power costs Since an infrared electric heater is powered by electricity, this type of heat generation can manifest itself in your electricity bill. On the other hand, you are spared the costs of ordinary heating fuels such as gas or oil. Another thing that is often ignored when comparing different heating systems is the high power consumption of the heating pump of conventional central heating systems. An outdated, inefficient heating pump can be responsible for up to 20% of a household’s total electricity costs. This enormous burden is therefore eliminated if you heat your house with infrared panel heaters instead. Since the running costs of infrared heating are not divided between electricity and fuels as is the case with a normal heating system, the calculation of generated heating costs is much simpler and more transparent. To calculate the running costs, you only need the watt output of each panel heater, the operating hours and the price of electricity. More on the calculation of infrared heating costs later.
Unconventional heating effect Because infrared heating works with direct radiant warmth instead of heating the room air, the quality of the created warmth might seem unfamiliar to some people at first. However, virtually everyone has come into contact with a similar heating effect sometime in their life. Because natural radiant warmth surrounds us every single day. For example, the sun’s radiation contains infrared waves, which are responsible for its pleasant warmth. A fireplace also emits infrared heat. Both of these heat sources – the sun and wood stove fires – are associated with cosy, relaxing warmth. So it should be no different with infrared panel heaters. This is why most people find radiant warmth even more pleasant than the warm air of a gas- or oil-powered convection heater. Heating with hot air tends to dry out the air and stir up dust. Infrared heating on the other hand avoids the disadvantages of convection. In addition, the innovative heating effect of infrared panel heaters has another advantage: The rays are absorbed by the surfaces and walls in the room and emitted anew, so that the warmth seems to come from all directions. So you won’t miss the heated air of your outdated convection heater one bit.

Which heat output and number of infrared panel heaters are required?

In order to calculate how many infrared radiators you need for your rooms, you should take the following aspects into account:

If you would like to find out how many electric panel heaters you need for optimum efficiency and which output (watts) they require, we will be happy to provide personal assistance. Contact us by phone +49 (0)5246-93556-25 or click on our contact form to ask questions.

Panel Heater Consumption: Which Wattage Do I Need for my Room?

The required heating power of a panel heater and the resulting power consumption depend on many different factors. For example, the building structure, room size, number of external walls and insulation of the room play a role. For a room with a ceiling height of 2,5 m, the following guide values are suggested:

Number of External Walls Good Insulation Average Insulation (Very) Poor Insulation
1 Wall 50 watts / m² 70 watts / m² 90 watts / m²
2 Walls 60 watts / m² 80 watts / m² 100 watts / m²
3 Walls 70 watts / m² 90 watts / m² 110 watts / m²
4 Walls 80 watts / m² 100 watts / m² 120 watts / m²

Efficiency & Cost to Run Infrared Heater:
Saving Potential of Panel Heaters in Comparison with Other Heating Methods

Practical, decorative and cost-efficient all at once: infrared electric heaters enable significant cost savings compared to other heating methods. Especially the acquisition costs of an infrared heating system are comparatively low – even if you would like to equip an entire building with infrared panel heaters. In addition, there are no long-term maintenance costs as the electric radiators provide heat for many years without requiring any inspection whatsoever.

Under normal operating circumstances, the running costs of an infrared panel heater can be considerably lower than when heating with oil, coal, gas or other resources. To determine whether this is the case in your specific scenario, you can perform an individual check on the basis of a heating load calculation.

The calculation of heating costs generated by an electric panel heater is much more transparent than the determination of the running costs of a conventional oil / gas heating system. In old heating systems, the running costs are divided between fuel consumption and the electricity required for heating – not exactly straightforward. The second category should by no means be neglected when comparing the efficiency of different heating systems. Old heating pumps can even be responsible for up to 20% of a household’s total power consumption.

Calculate Infrared Heating Costs

To calculate the heating costs of an infrared panel heater by VASNER, all you need is the electricity rate in kWh and the heat output of the device in watts or kW. Assuming an average electricity price of 0,29€ / kWh, an infrared heating system with 600 watts of heating power only incurs heating costs of approx. 17 cents per hour.

0,29 € / kWh x 0,6 kW = 0,174 € / h

Infrared Heating Requirement Calculator

In order to determine the required thermal output, the power consumption and the resulting costs of infrared panel heaters for your home, you can use our calculator for an individual assessment. If you have any questions or would like a personal consultation, you are also welcome to contact us:

+49 (0)5246 – 93 55 625

Panel Heater Price

Depending on the required heat output and the selected design, panel heater prices may vary. The table below shows the different types of models and their approximate purchase price:

Panel Heater Design Output Panel Heater Price
Metal Panel Heater (VASNER Citara M) 300 – 1100 watts 199 – 499 €
Metal Heating Panel w. Rounded Corners (VASNER Citara M Plus) 450 – 900 watts 299 – 449 €
Hybrid Infrared Panel Heater + Convection (VASNER Konvi) 600 – 1200 watts 249 – 369 €
Infrarot Hybrid Heater + Convection w. Rounded Corners (VASNER Konvi Plus) 600 – 1200 watts 299 – 429 €
Hybrid Infrared Panel + Convection – Vertical (VASNER Konvi VE) 1000 – 1200 watts 299 – 369 €
Infrared Ceiling Tile Heater (VASNER InfraRaster) 350 – 700 watts 349 – 549 €
Glass Panel Heater (VASNER Citara G) 450 – 900 watts 349 – 469 €
Glass Heating Panel – Extra-Flat (VASNER Zipris GR) 400 – 900 watts 469 – 849 €
Infrared Mirror Heater with Frame (VASNER Zipris S) 400 – 900 watts 399 – 749 €
Frameless Mirror Heater (VASNER Zipris SR) 400 – 900 watts 499 – 899 €
Frameless Mirror Heater with LED Lighting (VASNER Zipris SR LED) 400 – 700 watts 749 – 949 €
Infrared Mirror Heater with LED Light + Frame (VASNER Zipris S LED) 400 – 900 watts 899 – 1.149 €
Infrared Picture Heater inc. Frame (VASNER Panora) 400 – 900 watts 849 – 1.249 €
Frameless Picture Panel Heater (VASNER Panora) 400 – 900 watts 899 – 1.299 €

Panel Heater Positioning

Where exactly an IR panel heater is mounted has a big influence on the achieved heating effect. A position in which the heat rays emitted by the panel heater can be distributed optimally throughout the room is ideal. However, you can also supply only individual areas of a room with heat through a precise positioning of your infrared panel.

In larger rooms, the positioning of wall mounted infrared heaters opposite each other is suitable for achieving uniform heat distribution.

If you are looking for the right place to install an infrared panel heater, you should consider the following aspects:

Tips for an Easy Panel Heater Installation

With electric panel heaters, there are hardly any limits when it comes to interior decor – on the contrary: you can create a true eye-catcher with an elegantly designed or even camouflaged panel such as a mirror radiator or picture panel heater. Whether freestanding with support feet, as a wall heater or on the ceiling, IR heating panels are effective everywhere.

You can easily install the heating system yourself and the initial setup does not require a long preparation. Simply plug it in or otherwise connect it to the power supply: Now just sit back and enjoy the gentle warmth.

Always securely mounted – whether permanently installed on the wall or used as a portable heat source with panel heater feet.

For a safe installation, special support feet and mounting brackets are available that are specifically designed for our VASNER products. These are particularly easy to install with just a few screws. Our mounting system is patented and absolutely reliable. It can be easily installed without the help of an expert. Even an electrician is only necessary if you prefer a flush-mounted, permanent connection of your wall mounted heating panel to the mains supply. Despite the high level of safety, your panel heater remains mobile: It can be removed from the wall or ceiling in just a few seconds if you would like to dust or paint behind the radiator.

Tips for Maintenance and Care

An IR panel heater is maintenance-free and does not require any regular inspection. No special cleaning agents are needed to clean a heating panel. Simply wipe it off with a damp cloth or a soft dust wipe.

Panel Heater Control

To control your infrared heating panel, you can choose between a socket thermostat, radio thermostat or flush-mounted thermostat.

Infrared panel heater control socket thermostat

As the name suggests, this type of thermostat is plugged directly into the wall. There are models with a display as well as models with a simple wheel for temperature control. This option is particularly suitable if you would like to use individual electric panel heaters in addition to an existing heating system or if you would like to take all the components of your IR heating system with you when you move house. Even if you wish to change the location of the heating system at short notice, this alternative offers maximum flexibility.

Radio thermostat for easy panel heater control

A wireless thermostat can be installed anywhere in the room or even used as a mobile device, thus allowing great flexibility. Unlike the plug thermostat, it is possible to control several radiators with one central transmitter. This method is therefore particularly suitable if, for example, you would like to operate more than one infrared panel heater to heat a larger room.

Flush-mounted thermostat for invisible control of panel heaters

If you connect your wall mounted panel heater directly to the power supply without using a socket, then you can control the temperature via a flush-mounted thermostat which is also connected to the mains supply and hidden in the wall. This option is particularly suitable if you are equipping separate rooms or entire buildings with a new heating system during construction, expansion or renovation work.

Advantages of Controlling Your Panel Heater via a Digital Thermostat

VASNER’s programmable thermostats offer two major advantages when combined with an infrared panel heater: An increase in comfort and a reduction in heating costs. You can save up to 30% in heating costs by using a programmable thermostat together with your electric heater. The combination allows the temperature to be set individually according to the day of the week and time of day – similar to a timer function. Thus the infrared heating panel only runs when you are really at home and preheats the apartment in time for your arrival. This means that your house will be nice and warm when you return home, without the infrared heating system unnecessarily consuming energy throughout the entire day.

Thanks to digital thermostats, you can also comfortably set an ideal temperature in every room of your house. For each area, a different climate is recommended, depending on the amount of time you spend there and the level of physical activity involved. Although the aim is to heat as efficiently and cheaply as possible, a certain base temperature (approx. 16°C) should not be undercut by your panel heater in order to avert the risk of mould growth. For an optimal room temperature in different areas of your home, the Federal Environment Agency has made the following recommendation, taking various factors into account.

The ideal temperature in every room:


17 – 20°C

Kitchen / Dining Room

Kitchen: 18°C
Dining Room: 20°C

Living Room

20 – 23°C


20 – 22°C

Children's Room

During the Day: 20 – 22°C
At Night: 18°C



Infrared Panel Heater Purchasing Guide:
Which Factors Should You Take into Account?

Before buying your IR panel heater, you should consider how you intend to use it (mobile use, permanently mounted, room utilisation). This allows you to easily decide how many electric radiators you need, how large they should be and which wattage they should deliver.

We will help you determine your heating requirements and give you precise information. Contact us at +49 (0)5246-93556-25 or via our contact form.

For a reliable IR panel heater, you should choose flawless technology by a reputable, established manufacturer like VASNER. Made in Germany with test marks and seals: If you pay attention to these indicators, you will find safe, high-quality infrared heating systems that will supply you with efficient, pleasant heat for many years to come.

When purchasing a panel heater, make sure that you receive the longest possible warranty. VASNER products are available with a 5-year warranty.

Rely on manufacturers such as VASNER to provide you with comprehensive information on infrared heating and to give you a personal and honest consultation if necessary. Detailed information on all products should be easily accessible, e.g. on the manufacturer’s website.

Where Can I Buy an Infrared Panel Heater?
The VASNER Online Shop for Home and Garden Products

Buy VASNER panel heaters online

As of recently, you can buy a high-quality panel heater directly from the leading manufacturer. VASNER now offers all its products for a cosy home in its own online shop. As a customer, you benefit from numerous advantages when you order an IR panel heater directly from VASNER: A 30-day return policy, quick delivery, many different payment options, buyer protection when paying via PayPal or Amazon Pay and free shipping within Germany from a purchase value of €49 (from 99,- € in AT, NL, LU, BE). In our shop you will find a wide range of infrared heating products and accessories to put in your shopping basket. With such a huge selection, you are sure to find the right heating system for your home. Be it an infrared picture panel, an IR mirror heater or a classic heating panel in elegant white made of glass or metal.

VASNER: Your manufacturer with extensive infrared heating experience. Electric panel heaters with the best technology and first-class design. A piece of home – that’s exactly what VASNER infrared heating is all about. With innovative ideas, solid expertise and personal commitment, we as a manufacturer are your most reliable partner. Our aspiration: Latest technology combined with modern, elegant design and long-lasting functionality.

Do you still have questions about our products or about infrared heating in general? Then contact us and let us provide a personal consultation. You can reach us by telephone at +49 (0)5246-93556-25 or via our contact form.