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Project Description

Infrared Glass Panel Heater for Efficient Warmth | VASNER Citara G

High-Quality Glass Panel Heater for Cost-Conscious Heating

Citara G glass panel heater – a feat of infrared technology and design. The new heating panel series is VASNER’s latest infrared heating masterpiece. Especially flat, elegant and robust. Redefining infrared heating.

Thanks to their sleek, frameless design, Citara G glass heating panels blend seamlessly into your house, apartment or office. A discreet shade of white has been chosen for the surface made of specially hardened safety glass. Its neutral colour and space-saving construction help make each Citara heating panel into a subtle heat source for any indoor environment.

With the infrared glass panel heater, VASNER aims to meet the most exacting demands in terms of design, technology and efficiency. For this reason, only high-quality infrared technology has been integrated into the sleek wall mounted heaters. Thanks to the innovative heating mat, the Citara series is characterised by ultimate power efficiency. Citara G is the high-quality and effective panel heater for additional infrared warmth in various living spaces. Setting new standards for heating homes and offices.

New Product Features

  • Classy white glass front
  • Flat design
  • Double rear insulation
  • Material: Specially designed safety glass
  • Patented wall bracket
  • IP44 spray-proof
  • High-tech infrared heating technology
  • Highly energy efficient
  • TÜV tested / certified
infrared glass panel heater with 5 xear warranty & TÜV certification

Price: 349 – 469,-€


VASNER Citara G Models

Citara G 450 watts

Citara G 700 watts

Citara G 900 watts

Citara Glass Panel Heater Models
Performance and Measurements

Models Output Dimensions
(H x W x D)
Weight Price
Citara 450G 450 watts 62 x 62 x 4 cm 11 kg 349 €
Citara 700G 700 watts 62 x 92 x 4 cm 16,5 kg 399 €
Citara 900G 900 watts 62 x 122 x 4 cm 21 kg 469 €

Glass Infrared Heater Features:

  • Very flat design of only 4 cm (6 cm including the mount)

  • Two insulating layers (rear)

  • White surface made of elegant safety glass

  • High-quality carbon heating filament

  • Highly energy efficient

  • The electric panel heater is ready for use

  • Patented safety bracket for wall mounting

Innovative Infrared Heating with VASNER Glass Panel Heaters

Sunlike Radiant Warmth

Thanks to the white glass panel heater, you can enjoy comforting warmth like never before. The gentle far infrared radiation generated by the wall mounted heating panels feels just like warm rays of sun shining through your window. An indicator of their unique heating effect.

Direct Heating Effect

Citara G glass infrared heaters achieve this pleasant effect by emitting innovative, direct warmth. Instead of heating the air via convection, the flat glass panel heater gives off soothing far infrared rays to directly warm up the individuals and surfaces in the room. Upon contact with your skin, the infrared waves cause the surface molecules to vibrate, creating a gentle feeling of warmth.

Pleasant Side Effects

Since a cosy room temperature can be achieved without heating up the air, VASNER‘s infrared glass panel heaters offer several advantages while heating:

Benefits of Infrared Heating

  • Quick warmth

  • Improved power efficiency

  • No dry, heated air

  • Prevention of dust turbulence in the room

The VASNER Citara G series – Modern products for a pleasant temperature and a cosy room climate.

High-Quality Glass Panel Heater with IPX4, 5 Year Warranty and TÜV
The VASNER Quality Promise

The infrared glass panel heater Citara G sets new standards regarding workmanship and safety. The integrated VASNER heating filament is spread out over the entire heating panel, allowing for an even and efficient warmth distribution in every room. Additionally, the double backside insulation of the products also prevents the created warmth from being emitted towards the rear of the panel. Ensuring that the back of the heating element is only lukewarm to the touch and avoiding heat accumulation between the electric glass heater and the wall.

Latest Heating Technology

Furthermore, the high-grade heating mat is free of bumps and creases, which prevents dangerous „hot spots“ from developing. (Areas with a higher surface temperature that may cause the panel to overheat). For extra safety, infrared glass panel heaters by the brand VASNER have integrated overheating protection. This safety mechanism intervenes in the unlikely case of excessive heat development.

Glass Panel Heater with IP-44
Safe for Bathroom

The Citara G electric glass panel heater is even especially equipped for use in rooms with high humidity such as bathrooms or lavatories. Thanks to its IP44 protection, the flat wall mounted radiator is spray and splash water proof.

TÜV Certified Glass Panel Heater

The bottom line: You can rely blindly on the safety and quality of VASNER infrared glass heaters. The 5 year warranty and TÜV certification of every Citara product speak for themselves.

Patented Wall Bracket for Quick & Easy Mounting of Citara Glass Panel Heaters

The VASNER Citara G series features a new bracket system that has been specially designed to mount the heater on the wall. First, position the bracket on the wall using the included screws. Next, you can slide the electric glass panel heater into place and secure it with the special safety fastener, preventing it from falling. Only the new mounting system allows Citara heaters to be installed quickly and easily – very close to the wall. You will see that the infrared glass heater does not hang or sway like conventional infrared heating panels that are mounted using cable or chain systems. Depending on the preferred direction of the infrared radiation, the electric glass heater can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

The Electric Glass Panel Heater is Ready for Use. Simply Pug it in!

VASNER has designed the new Citara series to be ready for use. As soon as the glass panel heater has been removed from its packaging, it is ready to go. Simply plug it into a conventional socket and enjoy the pleasant warmth. No need for additional heating lines. We know what is important to our customers. True VASNER innovation.

Energy Efficient Temperature Control via Programmable Thermostat

Automatic Heating Programs

Programmable thermostats add extra benefits to the use of infrared radiators. The already energy efficient heating process of the glass panel heater can be further improved via smart electric temperature control. For this purpose, VASNER offers optional accessories such as different digital thermostats with customisable heating programs. (Not included in the delivery of the panel heater radiator.) Each programmable thermostat can be adjusted to automatically lower the room temperature at night and during working hours and raise it to a comfortable level before you arrive home. Thanks to these timer settings, you can save energy and heating costs every day, while at the same time enjoying a higher living comfort.

EU Regulation

Within the scope of Regulation (EU) 2015/1188, electric room heaters must be controlled and operated via electronic room temperature controllers (thermostats) with a “weekday control” and “window-open-detection” function or “adaptive control of the start of heating”. For example, with the matching thermostat set VASNER VFTB you can best control infrared heating panels. You can find the VFTB thermostat set here. >>

Glass Panel Heater can be Used as a Whiteboard

With suitable board markers (non-permanent) VASNER glass panel heaters can be drawn and written on. Simply wipe with a damp sponge to remove your artwork. For endless fun writing and drawing.

Maximum efficiency: approx. 98% of the electrical energy used is converted into thermal output.

To estimate the wattage required to heat each m², please use our online calculator >>

The ErP table for this electric heating panel can be found in the section: PDF Download.

Do you have any questions regarding the Citara G glass panel heater? Reach out to the VASNER service team for further information plus a free consultation: +49 (0)5246 – 93 55 625

We look forward to hearing from you!

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