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Project Description

VASNER Citara M Electric Infrared Panel Heater Metal

Product Innovations

  • Very flat design
  • High heat efficiency
  • German infrared carbon-fibre technology
  • Entire housing made of metal
  • Classy matt silk white design
  • Safety wall/ceiling bracket
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VASNER Citara Metal Series – The new wall & ceiling mounted infrared panel heater in classy white

The new VASNER Citara Infrared Panel Heater – cost-effective electric heating to the latest standards.

Accentuate your home with VASNER’s latest efficient and high-quality infrared heating panels. Setting the quality standard.

Manufactured from robust metal, you hardly notice the material used for the Citara Metal series. Featuring classy white lacquer, the infrared heater can be seamlessly incorporated in any apartment or house. A discreet design element with a robust housing. But you can also shine a spotlight on the heater if you want: It is a true design all-rounder – it complements any home perfectly!

The VASNER Metal M series is part of the latest generation of infrared heating and incorporates the latest heating technology thanks to the new infrared heating-foil technology that is Made in Germany. A special manufacturing method makes the Citara M heaters highly efficient while offering perfectly even distribution of warmth. VASNER has completely redefined infrared heaters in relation to robustness coupled with striking designs and the latest technology.

Citara Metal infrared heaters fit perfectly in any room or environment, be it in a living room, office, workshop, conservatory, hallway, bathroom or cellar. Simple, robust and easily integrated. Not only thanks to its particularly narrow design with a depth of only 25 mm. You will feel pleasant yet gentle warmth through the infrared heater’s metal housing. It is a similar feeling to morning sunlight.

Infrared heaters offer many advantages compared to conventional heaters, relating to energy efficiency, installation, commissioning, fewer dust swirls for allergy sufferers, etc.

Benefits of the new VASNER M series:

· Very flat design of only 25 mm

· Entire housing made of metal

· High-quality heating film, Made in Germany

· Highly energy efficient

· Ready for use

· Patented safety bracket for walls/ceiling

Citara Metal series infrared heater models:

· Citara 450M / 450 watt / 600 x 600 x 25 mm / 7.2 kg

· Citara 700M / 700 watt / 900 x 600 x 25 mm / 9.8 kg

· Citara 900M / 900 watt / 1200 x 600 x 25 mm / 14.2 kg

The newly patented wall and ceiling bracket

The VASNER M series infrared heaters feature a new bracket system. This system has been specially designed for fitting the heater to the wall or ceiling. After positioning the infrared heater on the wall or ceiling, it is locked into the bracket using a special safety fastener to prevent it from falling. Only the newly patented bracket system allows Citara infrared heaters to be positioned and secured very close to the ceiling. The heater does not hang or swing like conventional infrared heaters that are secured using cable or chain systems.

patented wall and ceiling bracket infrared panel heater

The back of the infrared panel heater with its patented wall and ceiling bracket

Plug it into the mains and you’re ready to go.

VASNER has designed the new Citara series so it is ready to go. The infrared heaters are ready for use as soon as they have been removed from the packaging. Simply plug them into a conventional socket and start enjoying the pleasant warmth. We know what our customers expect. This is true VASNER innovation.

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