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Portable Outdoor Heaters in Premium Quality with Remote Control
VASNER HeatTower + HeatTower Mini for Terraces & Indoor Use

Introducing HeatTower portable outdoor heaters – VASNER‘s newly designed, premium-quality series for your terrace, home, conservatory, hobby room or workshop. The freestanding infrared heater with IP65 weather protection is 100% made in Germany and can be used as a flexible heating solution in any indoor and outdoor space. Thanks to its high production quality and 3 mm thick aluminium housing, the stand-up patio heater is even equipped for long-term use in open outside areas. The high level of quality can be felt right from the first touch. The HeatTower’s elegant design paired with its intense and efficient warmth further confirm its premium quality.

The sturdy infrared radiant patio heaters with IP65 rain protection and remote control are available in two sizes: HeatTower and HeatTower Mini. Both portable outdoor heaters consist of a compact, triangular column that merges into a trapezoidal aluminium foot. Completely made of metal for maximum stability.

The larger HeatTower electric heater emits up to 2500 watts of intense warmth, while its Mini counterpart gives off 1500 watts of heat. Aside from their height and maximum performance, the two portable outdoor heaters only differ in their infrared technology. In order for the smaller unit to emit cosy heat over the entire desired area, it is equipped with VASNER‘s latest Ultra Star Low Glare element.

New Product Features

  • Modern triangular design
  • 2 Sizes: HeatTower / HeatTower Mini
  • With 2500 / 1500 watts
  • Latest infrared technology
  • For outdoor + indoor usage
  • High quality aluminium casing (3 mm material strength)
  • Control: Remote + button on device
  • 4 heat settings, dimmable
  • IP65 weather protection (rain, jet-water)
  • Stable aluminium foot
  • High-grade stainless steel handle
  • Sleep timer option with automatic switchoff
  • Available in black, white, silver

Price: 199 – 299,-€


First-Class Portable Outdoor Heaters with up to 2500 Watts | VASNER HeatTower

Portable outdoor heaters in black, silver, white

IP65 Protection
Against rain / jet water

Remote control & push-button
With 4 heat levels

Reduced brightness
Atmospheric glow

Targeted infrared warmth
1500 or 2500 watts of heat

Elegant Portable Outdoor Heaters for Terraces and Winter Gardens

Best outdoor heaters with latest infrared technology: carbon tube + ultra star low glare

The larger HeatTower standing heater by VASNER offers over 10.000 hours of intense warmth in open outdoor areas thanks to its special carbon heating tube. Whereas the mini portable outdoor heater’s Ultra Star Low Glare element emits 85% less brightness than conventional low glare space heaters and has a lifespan of around 8.000 hours of heat.
Both technologies provide instant warmth at the push of a button that may even be fully enjoyed in cold, windy weather. This is due to the fact that both portable outdoor heaters keep you warm with robust, short-wave infrared rays. The gentle radiation directly heats up all the people and objects nearby instead of warming up the surrounding air. The best outdoor heating solution for any weather.

Portable infrared heater for open outdoor areas

Ventilation slots for excess warmth

Portable outdoor heaters with ventilation slots

Stainless steel handle

Mobile infrared heater with stainless steel handle

Stable aluminium base

Portable outdoor heater with aluminium base

Flexible Positioning
Stainless Steel Handle + Long Power Cord

 Long Cable

HeatTower portable outdoor heaters are especially designed for mobile use and can be positioned anywhere flexibly. Merely a standard household socket is required in order to operate the infrared electric heater. The power cord of the device is as long as possible (1,85 m) to ensure maximum flexibility while positioning the patio heater in the desired area.

Stainless Steel Handle

If you would like to reposition the portable outdoor heater during use or move it to another location before it has completely cooled down, this is easily possible. For this purpose, HeatTower freestanding patio heaters have a handle made of stainless steel. The low heat conductivity of the metal ensures that the handle always stays nice and cool. Pleasant to the touch.

Sturdy Base Plate

Like the rest of the portable outdoor heater‘s housing, its flat, trapezoidal foot is made completely of aluminium. The shape of its base plate enables a space-saving positioning in corners, while at the same time guaranteeing a maximum level of stability.

HeatTower Portable Outdoor Heater Models

Free-Standing Heater Model HeatTower HeatTower Mini
Measurements (H x W x D) 104 x 47,5 x 33 cm 89 x 47,5 x 33 cm
Weight 8,9 kg 8,1 kg
IP Protection IP65 splashproof / jet-resistant IP65 splashproof / jet-resistant
Performance 2500 watts 1500 watts
Infrared Technology 1x carbon tube
Reduced brightness
1x Ultra Star Low Glare element
85% less light
Heat Levels 4 4
Control Options Remote control + pushbutton Remote control + pushbutton
Models Black, white, silver Black, white, silver
Price 299,-€ 199,-€

HeatTower Portable Outdoor Heaters in Three Stylish Colours

Both the HeatTower and HeatTower Mini portable outdoor heaters are available in three different colours: In white or black with a robust powder coating and in silver with a protective anodic layer. Come rain or shine, the aluminium casing of the electric heaters always retains a nice and even colour, thanks to its high-quality surface finishing.

VASNER offers the following 6 HeatTower models for a natural integration into any possible home or patio decor:

HeatTower 2500 Watts

HeatTower Black

Best outdoor heater for open areas aswell as closed indoor spaces

HeatTower White

Best patio heater for wind - targeted infrared warmth

HeatTower Silver

Best electric patio heaters - portable and sleek

HeatTower Mini 1500 Watts

HeatTower Mini Black

Portable outdoor heaters in black with 85% less light

HeatTower Mini White

Portable outdoor heaters 100% made in Germany, 2 year warranty

HeatTower Mini Silver

Portable outdoor heater in silver for more elegance

Carbon Heating Tube or Ultra Star Low Glare Technology
For Quick Warmth and Reduced Brightness

Due to the varying tube lengths of the two portable outdoor heaters, different heating elements are required for an ideal heat distribution in your outside area. The taller HeatTower has an infrared carbon tube, while the mini patio heater emits warmth via an Ultra Star Low Glare element.

However, both heating tubes meet all requirements for efficient, flexible warmth in open spaces. Immediate heat at the push of a button as well as targeted, shortwave infrared warmth make both VASNER heating elements perfect for outdoor use.

Infrared Technology Comparison:

Carbon Tube (HeatTower)

HeatTower portable outdoor heaters with 2500 watts + durable carbon tube
  • Greatly reduced brightness

  • Over 10.000 hours of heat

  • Instant warmth at the push of a button

  • Direct, shortwave infrared A radiant heat: Wind-resistant

Ultra Star Low Glare (HeatTower Mini)

Portable outdoor heaters with VASNER Ultra Star Low Glare technology: 85% less brightness + instant heat
  • 85% less light than conventional low glare heaters

  • Around 8.000 hours of heat

  • Instant warmth at the push of a button

  • Direct, shortwave infrared A radiant heat: Wind-resistant

New Threefold Reflector Design for Increased Heating Efficiency

Energy efficient portable outdoor heaters with triple reflector
Best heat reflection for VASNER portable outdoor heaters

Aside from the chosen heating element, the thermal efficiency of a patio heater depends on the shape of its reflector. This is why an entirely new reflector design was developed especially for HeatTower portable outdoor heaters. The new reflector results in an even broader heat distribution with a beam angle of around 120° and additional areas of higher heat concentration. Absolutely unique among freestanding patio heaters.

A Single Heating Tube for Triple the Warmth

  • 1st zone with highly concentrated warmth

  • 2nd zone with medium heat concentration

  • 3rd zone with a broad heat distribution over a large radius (120° beam angle)

Heating power does not necessarily equal heating power. This is especially true for portable outdoor heaters. The actual quality and thermal output of an infrared heater is largely determined by its reflector type. For instance, the noticeable heat of a well-designed reflector differs strongly from the warmth distributed by an inefficient and simply curved reflector. For this reason, VASNER has developed an innovative, highly efficient reflector design especially for HeatTower patio heaters: A new 3 zone reflection. A single infrared tube is built into the HeatTower stand-up heater. However, irrespective of the viewing angle, 3 mirrored tubes can be seen in the reflector at all times in addition to the actual heating element. Hereby increasing the efficiency of the portable outdoor heater threefold. This meticulous design alone enables a broad distribution of warmth over a large radius as well as an area of concentrated heat in front of the device. Thanks to its innovative heat distribution, the infrared standing heater provides ideal warmth for seating areas of any kind on your terrace.

heat distribution of HeatTower portable outdoor heaters
Portable outdoor heaters with latest reflector for broad heat distribution

Aluminium Base Plate – Quick & Easy Assembly + Maximum Stability

Aluminium base plate for best portable outdoor heaters

Mounting accessories

Portable outdoor heaters with sturdy aluminium non-slip foot

Stable base plate with anti-slip sole

HeatTower portable outdoor heaters can be mounted in just a few steps with the help of the included screws.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Place the triangular column onto the one-piece base plate…
  2. … and secure it with the four provided screws.

Just like that, the portable infrared heater is ready for use. The supporting foot is designed to look highly modern with its rounded corners, while at the same time providing best stability. For additional anti-slip resistance, the underside of the base plate is equipped with non-slip rubber. What’s more, there is an additional hole at the back of the base plate, in case you wish to anchor the portable outdoor heater to the ground for extra safety.

The full metal construction lends the patio heater high stability, while its protective powder coating / anodic layer ensures a durable appearance, come rain or shine. Apart from the handle, the entire portable outdoor heater is made of aluminium. The stainless steel handle is permanently attached to the back of the device and must not be mounted before heating. On a side note, the handle doubles as a cord hanger whenever the product is not in use.

Portable Outdoor Heaters with Flexible Control Options
Remote Control with 4 Heat Settings

HeatTower portable outdoor heaters come with a practical remote control, so you can comfortably adjust the temperature from your seat. With its 4 power settings, the handy accessory enables a flexible and convenient heat regulation.

Depending on the weather, you can take advantage of the full heating capacity of your freestanding heater (1500 or 2500 watts) or opt for a more gentle radiant warmth. The selected heat setting is shown in the small LED display above the control button of the device.

Thanks to its special design, the heating column seems to float above the flat base plate, giving it an elegant, weightless appearance.

Portable outdoor heaters with 4 heat settings and LED display

The heat output of the 4 different power settings is as follows:

Heat Setting HeatTower Output HeatTower Mini Output
Level 1 (33%) 825 watts 495 watts
Level 2 (50%) 1250 watts 750 watts
Level 3 (66%) 1650 watts 990 watts
Level 4 (100%) 2500 watts 1500 watts

IP65 Rain and Jet-Water Protection
High-Quality Portable Outdoor Heaters

free-standing infrared patio heaters with IP65 weather protection

VASNER HeatTower portable outdoor heaters are equipped with a robust aluminium casing with high material thickness (3 mm) and special seals. These protect the products against dust and water. Neither raindrops, nor strong jet-water can penetrate the housing, keeping the integrated electronics safe and dry in any weather.

Unlike the mobile standing heaters of other manufacturers, the VASNER HeatTower can remain in open outdoor areas like backyards or terraces permanently. In the case of sudden rain, you don’t need to take the electric heater inside with you when you leave your balcony. Instead, the product can remain outside to cool down. Without any saftey concerns whatsoever.

Thanks to its electrical operation, the portable outdoor heater can, however, also be used safely indoors and in other closed spaces. The infrared radiant heater produces absolutely no emissions or noise while heating, making it an ideal and flexible heat source for conservatories, basements, garages and bathrooms alike.

Advantages of Portable Infrared Heaters Compared to Wall Heaters

High flexibility in positioning
Four examples of how to position a single portable outdoor heater for seating areas

Portable outdoor heaters on the patio warmth distribution


If you enjoy rearranging the furniture on your deck or in your yard / garden, a permanently mounted ceiling & wall heater is not a great solution for you. A wall mounted heater must usually be dismantled and remounted after every slight rearrangement of your furniture. This is because the beam angle of wall heaters can barely be adjusted once the device is installed. A portable outdoor heater, on the other hand, offers much more flexibility when changes in the heating area occur. Freestanding infrared patio heaters are also beneficial if you have multiple seating areas that you wish to use and heat alternatingly.

Warmth Under the Table

If the chairs on your patio are arranged around a table, a portable outdoor heater is highly recommended. If only as an additional heat source. The tabletop will block any infrared rays of a ceiling or wall heater from above, resulting in the foot and leg area under the table remaining cold. Whereas the VASNER HeatTower free-standing heater can be positioned next to the table strategically, in order to heat up your lower body aswell.

Additional Safety Features of HeatTower Portable Outdoor Heaters
Tilt Protection + Sleep Timer

In case the portable outdoor heater tips over unexpectedly due to rough handling, there is no need to worry. The integrated anti-tilt protection with automatic switchoff avoids further damage to the device and its surroundings by immediately turning off the patio heater. Only when the device is returned to an upright position, can it be switched on again to heat the desired area.

A second feature that contributes to the safe and comfortable use of the portable outdoor heaters is their sleep timer. The optional timer function can be used in order to switch off the device automatically after a certain amount of time. Especially beneficial, if you would like to enjoy the rest of your evening in cosy warmth without continuing to heat overnight. For example, if your are using the stand-up heater as a heat source while camping, this feature is particularly useful. Enjoy a pleasant sleeping temperature without wasting energy by continuously heating your camper into the early hours of the morning.

VASNER – A piece of home.

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