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Project Description

New Product Features

  • Infrared ceiling tile heater
  • Ideal for medical practices & offices
  • Simply insert into the ceiling grid
  • Disguised as a normal ceiling panel
  • → Discreet, space-saving
  • Designed for individual and double panels
  • Available formats: 60 x 60 cm / 62,5 x 62,5 cm
  • Made of light, robust steel
  • IPX4 spray-water proof
  • Made in Germany
  • 5 year warranty
Ceiling tile heater with German heating technology
Ceiling tile heater with 5 year warranty

Price: 349 – 549,-€


Infrared Ceiling Tile Heater for Suspended Ceilings | VASNER InfraRaster

VASNER presents the InfraRaster series – the infrared ceiling tile heater for easy and discreet mounting in ceiling grids. The perfect heat source for additional radiant warmth in medical practicesoffices, salesrooms and exhibition spaces. Thanks to its refined look in white with an elegant powder coating, the metal heating panel for suspended ceilings can barely be distinguished from a conventional ceiling tile.

The InfraRaster ceiling grid panel heater is ideally suited for big and small rooms alike. The modular system in standard ceiling tile sizes can easily be mounted in any suspended ceiling. Integrate the radiant ceiling tile heater into the ceiling during construction or insert it into existing grids later on. With VASNER infrared ceiling panels, you are granted full flexibility in defining the desired heating area. Because each module can be spontaneously moved within the grid to replace a different ceiling tile at any given time. Whether you would like to rearrange your office or reposition the treatment table in your examination room. Using the grid layout, you can choose flexibly between individual areas of concentrated warmth and an even heat distribution throughout the entire room.

The InfraRaster ceiling tile heater provides gentle, sun-like warmth from above without immediately being recognised as a heating panel. Thanks to their direct radiant warmth without convection, the special infrared ceiling panels forgo dust turbulence and unpleasantly dry air. The designer product for an ideal climate at the workplace as well as in showrooms and exhibition halls.

For further information contact VASNER:

Phone: +49 (0)5246 – 93 55 625

Thermostat control
Compatible with every system

Ideal for business spaces
Offices, sales areas, showrooms

Easy installation
Simply place into the ceiling grid

Optimal room climate
Targeted warmth and better air quality

InfraRaster Single Panel

60 x 60 cm or 62,5 x 62,5 cm

350 watts
For 6 – 7 m²

InfraRaster Double Panel

60 x 120 cm or 62,5 x 125 cm

700 watts
For 14 – 15 m²

Ceiling tile heater to replace two conventional ceiling panels

Infrared Ceiling Tile Heater Models:
Measurements and Performance Levels

The electric ceiling tile heater by VASNER is available in different sizes, in order to fit into ceiling grids with a format of 600 x 600 mm as well as 625 x 625 mm. In addition, each format is sold as a single and double panel. The individual square tiles emit 350 watts of radiant heat, whereas the rectangular ceiling mounted heating panels for two adjacent tiles provide 700 watts of infrared warmth. This means, you can choose between the following 4 radiant ceiling panel models for an easy integration into the suspended ceiling of your office building:

  • InfraRaster 60E – 350 watts (60 x 60 cm)
    Individual panel for 6 – 7 m²

  • InfraRaster 60D – 700 watts (60 x 120 cm)
    Double panel for 14 – 15 m²

  • InfraRaster 62E – 350 watts (62,5 x 62,5 cm)
    Individual panel for 6 – 7 m²

  • InfraRaster 62D – 700 watts (62,5 x 125 cm)
    Double panel for 14 – 15 m²

Required Heat Output: The Ideal Ceiling Tile Heater for Your Suspended Ceiling

Which ceiling tile heater or combination of different electric radiant panels is best suited to heat your business space, depends on a variety of factors such as building structure, insulation quality, the number of outer walls and room size. For an initial assessment of the required heat output as well as a clear calculation of the resulting power consumption and heating costs, the team at VASNER is at your service.

Contact the VASNER service team for a precise consultation concerning your plans:
+49 (0)5246 – 93 55 625

Please give us the details of your project, so we can help you find the perfect infrared panel heater for your suspended ceiling.

Infrared Ceiling Tile Heater Installation:
Quick and Easy Mounting into Suspended Ceilings

Far infrared panels as ceiling tiles

Remove the conventional ceiling tile …

Ceiling tile heater for easy mounting in suspended ceiling grids

… and simply insert the infrared ceiling panel.

Ceiling tile heater installation in new / old buildings

Thanks to their special design, the infrared ceiling tile heaters by VASNER can easily be placed into your suspended ceiling instead of standard ceiling panels.

In order to insert the rectangular double panel, you must first remove the metal rail between the two adjacent ceiling tiles. Viewed from below, the 700 watt electric ceiling tile heater looks like a single, elongated ceiling panel.

Infrared ceiling tile heater for office spaces, salesrooms, display areas, doctor's offices

The back, or rather the upper side, of the ceiling mounted radiant panel is fully insulated, so the warmth of the steel heater is directed downwards towards the floor, instead of rising up into the ceiling. The radiant heating panel is ideally suited for a room height of at least 1,80 m.

Thanks to its quick and simple installation, the ceiling tile heater is not only the perfect heating solution for newly constructed buildings. The radiant ceiling panels can also easily be added into existing suspended ceiling grids during reconstruction or renovation.

Ceiling tile heater safety mount

Ceiling Tile Heater for Public Institutions + Commercial Use
» Additional Safety

If you would like to mount a ceiling tile heater in the suspended ceiling of a public institution, an additional safeguard is usually required. Especially for this purpose, the backside of each InfraRaster panel is equipped with a threaded sleeve for eyebolts. This can be used to fasten an M6 lifting screw and attach the radiant heat panel to a securing hook in the ceiling. For an extra safe installation.

Benefits of an Infrared Ceiling Tile Heater:
Targeted Radiant Warmth at the Workplace

Infrared ceiling tile heater for conference rooms

Unlike standard convection heaters, infrared heating systems don’t function by warming up the room air. Instead, infrared ceiling tile heaters emit direct thermal waves. Similar to gentle sun rays, the created warmth immediately heats up the surrounding objects and people.

Especially in combination with a ceiling installation, infrared panel heaters offer multiple advantages:

Energy Efficiency & Lower Heating Costs:

An infrared ceiling tile heater supplies the bottom half of the room with targeted, direct warmth. This way, no energy is wasted by heating the room air, which in turn rises up to the ceiling without actually warming up the people below. Instead, the electrical heating panel offers concentrated warmth where it is truly needed. So you can enjoy cosy warmth without significantly raising the air temperature.

Storage of Heat in the Walls / Floor:

Another energy-saving advantage of infrared ceiling tile heaters is that the emitted radiant warmth is absorbed by the surfaces and objects in the room. The electric heater hidden in the suspended ceiling transforms the floor and each wall into large-scale heat accumulators that subsequently give off gentle radiant warmth as well. As a result, the products distribute sustainable heat that remains in the room longer than warm air.

Perfect Climate for Business Spaces & Medical Practices:

Since the infrared ceiling tile heater functions without convection, you don’t have to worry about unpleasantly dry air. Insert the radiant heat panels into the suspended ceiling to create a cosy temperature and a perfect climate in the workspace. Say goodbye to headaches, fatigue and irritated airways due to stuffy air and dust turbulence. Especially ideal for asthmatics and allergy sufferers, making the ceiling mounted infrared panels a perfect heat source for doctor’s offices. Additionally, the pleasant climate ensures potential customers always feel comfortable, encouraging longer stays in salesrooms and exhibition spaces.

Precise, Efficient Control:

Like most indoor infrared heaters, the ceiling tile heater by VASNER can be controlled via an additional programmable thermostat. The special room thermostat allows for an individual setting of weekday and time-oriented heating programs. When correctly programmed, the ceiling mounted radiant panels only heat during business hours when there are actually people present in the office or showroom. As soon as the desired room temperature has been reached, the digital radio thermostat automatically reduces the output of the electric panel heaters. At the end of the work day, the temperature is also decreased in order to save energy and heating costs.

Within the scope of Regulation (EU) 2015/1188, electric room heaters must be controlled and operated via electronic room temperature controllers (thermostats) with a “weekday control” and “window-open-detection” function or “adaptive control of the start of heating”. For example, with the matching thermostat set VASNER VFTB you can optimally control infrared heating panels. You can find the VFTB room thermostat system here. >>

Buy Infrared Ceiling Tile Heaters Directly from VASNER

If you buy an infrared ceiling tile heater directly from the manufacturer, you will enjoy numerous advantages such as quick and free shipping, a variety of payment options and an extensive consultation. Like other VASNER infrared heating panels, the InfraRaster ceiling tile heater comes with a 5 year warranty. Trust in the quality heating panel manufacturer with long-term experience and comprehensive expertise.

Phone: +49 (0)5246 – 93 55 625

VASNER – A piece of home.

Maximum efficiency: approx. 99% of the electrical energy used is converted into thermal output.

To estimate the wattage required to heat each m², please use our online calculator >>

The ErP table for this electric heating panel can be found in the section: PDF Download.

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