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Project Description

VASNER SlimLine X20 Electric Infrared Heater

The Ultra-Slim Electric Infrared Heater with 85% Light Reduction

The VASNER SlimLine X20 electric infrared heater – extremely slim, remote controlled, spray water protected and with 85% less brightness. VASNER‘s SlimLine X20 is the ideal solution for all customers who are bothered by the light regular infrared heaters emit, but aren’t satisfied with the heat energy of dark radiant heaters. The SlimLine X20 delivers full power with significantly lower brightness. Innovation by VASNER.

New Product Features

  • Super-slim design
  • 85% less brightness
  • → NEW Ultra Star Low Glare technology
  • Ideal for mounting in corners
  • 2000 watts
  • Available in black and silver
  • Remote control with 6 heat settings
  • IP65 protection against rain / spray water
  • Overheating protection

Price: 249,-€


2000 watts

IR Tube:
Ultra Star Low Glare

Heat Settings:

Remote Control

Rain / Spray Water

Wall / Ceiling

Electric Infrared Heater for all Outdoor Areas

From now on, you will be able to discreetly heat up all types of outdoor areas without dazzling, disturbing light, thanks to the SlimLine X20. Whether on the patio, balcony, or in your backyard. The special feature of the electric infrared heater lies in its state-of-the-art, super slim construction and the specially developed Ultra Star low glare infrared heating technology.

Extra-Slim Construction in Black or Silver

The elongated aluminium casing is extremely compact in its height, as well as depth, which enables you to mount the heater in different ways. Besides the regular wall- and ceiling installation, the infrared heaters can also be mounted vertically in any corner in order to save valuable space. Available in black or silver, the outdoor infrared heater seamlessly blends into its surroundings and only remains noticeable through its powerful heat energy. Thanks to its 2000 watts, the sleek heating device ensures summer-like temperatures on your patio or in your backyard, even on cold evenings.

Outdoor electric infrared heater black IP65 jet waterproof weatherproof

Innovative Ultra Star Low Glare Tube: The Electric Infrared Heater with 85% Less Brightness

A brand new heating tube was specifically designed for the VASNER SlimLine X20 electric infrared heater – the Ultra Star low glare gold tube. If you look closely at the heating technology when switched off, you will notice a serrated design rather than the familiar round, spiral form that infrared heating fibres are usually arranged in. This new heating element, which is characterized by a star-shaped integration of heating filaments, gives SlimLine X20 outdoor infrared heaters a variety of benefits:

An atmospheric glow

As suggested by the name of its heating technology, the SlimLine X20 emits a reduced, dark-orange light when in use. 85% less brightness compared to generic low glare heaters. This is a lot easier on the eyes and creates a nicer ambiance compared to the dazzling light emitted by many infrared heaters.

Short-wave infrared radiation

Due to the Ultra Star low glare tube, the infrared heater emits short-wave radiant warmth. These waves are extremely resistant against wind, which means that the heat emitted by the SlimLine X20 reaches you reliably – no matter the weather. It is specifically this persistent heat radiation that allows the electric infrared heater to optimally warm up outdoor areas without wind protection.

Instantaneous heat

Within a few seconds, the heating tube of VASNER’s electric infrared heater reaches its full potential. There is no lengthy warming-up phase.

Comparison: Light emission SlimLine X20 vs. regular patio heater

Electric Infrared Heater with IP65 Spray Water Protection

Thanks to its comprehensive IP65 protection, you can use your SlimLine X20 electric infrared heater in outdoor areas of any kind. This level of protection guarantees complete safety from splash- and spray water. Even the strongest rain shower in an open garden cannot harm the infrared heater. This is due to the high-quality workmanship of the robust aluminium casing. Special seals ensure that the patio heater’s heating technology and integrated electronics are completely protected from dust and moisture. The super slim heater is also perfectly equipped for the usage in bathrooms or any similar closed humid room. Due to the fact that the heater runs electrically, no harmful gas or fumes develop during heating.

Remote Controlled Electric Infrared Heater with 6 Performance Levels

Electric Infrared Heater with Remote Control

In addition to the subtle, vertical installation in corners, the compact VASNER SlimLine X20 electric infrared heater can also be mounted on walls or ceilings in a space-saving way. Due to the fact that infrared heaters are typically mounted at a height of approximately 2-3 metres, it can be difficult to operate the heater with the button on the device. This is why the SlimLine X20 infrared heater includes a convenient remote control.

Dimmable via 6 Heat Settings

This handy accessory allows you to choose the ideal performance level, while comfortably seated on the patio or balcony. With 6 different heating levels, you can easily choose the perfect desired temperature and flexibly dim the patio heater’s output. To switch the electric infrared heater on and off, there is an additional button at the back of the device that turns it off completely.

Sleek Designer Piece – The Electric Infrared Heater in Black & Silver

The perfect addition to your patio decor

To many, the patio is essentially an extension of their living room. Cosy furniture and a well-thought-out colour concept are needed to create the desired level of comfort. You should feel as comfortable on your patio as in your own four walls. The electric infrared heater SlimLine X20 by VASNER contributes to a harmonious patio decor in multiple ways.

Available in black and silver

For one thing, the electric infrared heater is available in two colours: black and silver. Therefore, you are free to choose the product that fits your setup and discreetly heats your patio. Alternatively, if desired, you can use your SlimLine X20 to consciously set a stark colour contrast and prominently feature the futuristic device on your patio.

Sunlike warmth

The pleasant warmth and the included remote control further add to the comfort of your outdoor area. The infrared heater does not warm up the surrounding air via convection, but emits direct, sun-like radiant warmth onto the surrounding objects and people. For an immediate heating effect in your exterior area. And thanks to the device’s practical and flexible remote control, you do not even have to get up in order to choose from the six heating levels and set the perfect temperature. Pure luxury.

Flexible Mounting: Suitable for Vertical Installation in Corners or as a Wall- and Ceiling Heater

Due to its new, slim form, the electric infrared heater can be mounted even more flexibly almost anywhere in your outdoor area. For example, the elongated heater can be mounted vertically in corners. From there, the infrared heat waves are emitted horizontally to cover a wide area, thanks to the specially developed reflector. When mounting the device vertically, it must always be ensured that the end with the electric unit faces downwards.

Furthermore, the SlimLine X20’s ultra-slim form facilitates a discreet mounting of the device on the metal profile of your conservatory, or under the marquee of your patio. If a classic wall- or ceiling installation is preferred, this is also easily possible. Additionally, the two-part infrared heater mount guarantees a sufficient safety distance between the device and the chosen base, preventing unaesthetic heat marks.

When mounted permanently, the electric infrared heater can still be flexibly tilted up, down, and to the sides. For the perfect heating angle and energy efficient warmth.

The Ideal Electric Infrared Heater for Outdoor Gastronomy Areas

VASNER offers professional products for your home. Thanks to its high-quality workmanship, the SlimLine X20 electric infrared heater is well-suited for all different kinds of conditions: For use outside, in closed spaces, in high humidity, as well as strong winds or rain. Therefore, the SlimLine X20 is often used in professional gastronomy-industry settings. The impressive performance of up to 2000 watts enables the infrared heater to warm up large areas, even outdoors. The included remote control facilitates a quick and flexible temperature adjustment. This is especially important during the busy evening rush hour. The ideal gastronomy heater for patio lounges, smoking areas, beer gardens, and stylish rooftop bars.

As a matter of fact, VASNER offers commercial customers individual mounts for all heater models. With the right radiant heater attachment, your guests can enjoy even more targeted, discreet warmth and feel comfortable and at ease in your establishment. Simply contact the VASNER service team: +49(0)5246-93 55 625

Quick and Simple Installation via Power Plug or Direct Connection to the Power Grid

Due to the fact that the VASNER SlimLine X20 is an electric infrared heater, all you need to connect the device to a power supply is a regular socket. The integrated power plug with 1.85 m length allows you to easily and quickly connect the outdoor infrared heater to any generic power socket. If you prefer a discreet installation without visible cables, you can directly connect the device to the power grid. The power plug can be detached by an electrician or any qualified professional – the warranty of your device will remain intact.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact the VASNER service team:

+49 (0)5246-93 55 625

Sometimes, a free, personal consultation is the best option to find the ideal heating solution for your outdoor area.

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