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Project Description

The Outdoor Infrared Heater with Rounded Corners and 2.000 Watts of Concentrated Warmth » VASNER Teras X20

Compact form, impressive heating capacity. With its 2000 watts, the VASNER Teras X20 outdoor infrared heater is a true power pack. Due to its aesthetic, round design, it fits in any balcony or garden. The new round design features sleek lines, making Teras X20 infrared patio heaters a perfect fit for modern patios, conservatories and bathrooms.

The premium ultra-low glare heating tube produces short-wave infrared radiation and treats you to pleasant warmth at the push of a button. Additionally, the electric patio heater’s progressive heating technology glows in a warm tone of orange rather than emitting dazzling white light. The pleasant warmth and the gentle gleam of the gold tube create an enjoyable ambience inside your home or on the patio.

An additional convenient benefit is the included remote control. It allows you to comfortably regulate the heat by choosing the perfect heat setting from wherever you are sitting at the push of a button. Enjoy a perfect, comfortable evening outside with friends and family without any interruptions. VASNER Teras X20 – The outdoor infrared heater for many warm moments, even long after sunset. (Teras X20 patio heaters do not feature app-control!)

New Product Features

  • New, modern round-design
  • Ultra-low glare gold tube
  • Max. heating capacity: 2000 watts
  • IP65 (Dustproof, jet water resistant)
  • For Outdoor + wet room application
  • 6 heat levels, remote control
  • Available in black, white and silver

Price: 249,-€


Main Features

2000 Watts

Remote Control

Heating Tube:
Ultra Low Glare

IP65 Safety:
 Jet Water

Heat Levels:

Wall / Ceiling

Safety Class IP65 » The Outdoor Infrared Heater with Dust and Jet Resistance

When buying an outdoor infrared heater, it is crucial to ensure the compatibility between the device and the conditions of your exterior area. No matter if your terrace has a roof or if you are looking for a heater to put in an open garden: Eventually, the electric infrared patio heater will come into contact with moisture and dirt.

With the comprehensive safety class of IP65, the VASNER Teras X20 is weatherproof and ideally suited for outdoor heating. No matter if it is mounted under the roof of your balcony or standing in an open garden; the VASNER outdoor infrared heater always ensures reliable and safe warmth. Due to the fact that the premium, robust exterior (available in black, white and silver) is constructed in such a way that no dust or jet water can enter the interior, the infrared heater can last through even the strongest rain showers.

Teras X20 Excels in Bathroom Radiant Heater Test

A recent bathroom radiant heater test has also confirmed the suitability of the Teras X20 for use in the bathroom. The independent, German portal Vergleich.org selected the model for indoor & outdoor use as the winner.

Cosy Warmth, Soft Gleam » The Ultra-Low Glare Tube for a Pleasant Atmosphere

Just like the models Appino 20 and BEATZZ, the new VASNER outdoor infrared heater features the upmost modern heating technology. Its ultra-low glare tube demonstrates its quality specifically through these two aspects:

  • Instant warmth without any warm-up time

  • Reduced brightness while heating

Especially when entertaining visitors on your terrace, you will appreciate the instant heating effect of your patio heater. Immediately after turning the device on, you will feel pleasant warmth on your skin, reminiscent of the feeling of summerly sun rays on your whole body. The benefit of this natural warmth radiation is the fact that the surrounding air does not need to be heated up before you get to feel the rising temperature. Additionally, the direct effect of the outdoor infrared heater with its gold tube offers another benefit: Due to the fact that the surrounding air does not matter to the heating effect, not even strong winds can redirect the short-wave radiation from its supposed aim. Therefore, the warmth will reliably reach you in any weather.

Outdoor infrared heater with ultra low glare for less light while heater

In addition to the pleasant warmth, the low glare glass tube creates a relaxing atmosphere on your patio in a second way: As opposed to an ordinary patio heater, the heating technology of the Teras X20 does not emit dazzling, bright light. Instead, a smooth gleam radiates from the device, which creates a unique, atmospheric effect.

The VASNER Remote Control: For Convenient Control of your Outdoor Infrared Heater

Outdoor Infrared Heater with Practical Remote Control

Due to the fact that the VASNER Teras X20 outdoor infrared heater is intended to be mounted on the upper wall or ceiling, it comes with a practical remote control with which you can easily turn your heater on and off as well as control your desired functions.

6 Heat Levels for 800 – 2000 Watts

The patio heater accessories do not only offer an additional level of comfort, but also the possibility of precisely controlling your ideal temperature. Just choose one of six heat levels at the push of a button. Additionally, it is much easier to estimate the ideal heat level sitting in your spot rather than manually setting it right at the heater. This is due to the fact that you will experience the heat much stronger if you are standing right next to the radiator as opposed to standing 2 – 3 metres away.

Manual Control of the Device

If the batteries in the remote control should run out, you can always manually control the outdoor infrared heater via the buttons on its back, which can be operated in three different power settings as well as be switched ON and OFF. Additionally, there is a main switch at the back of the device to allow you to disconnect the power completely.

Optically Adaptable » The Classic Outdoor Infrared Heater in Black, White or Silver

The Teras X20 outdoor infrared heater is not only valued for its strong performance and convenient operation. Additionally, as opposed to an ordinary gas patio heater, VASNER’s compact infrared heater appeals with its space-saving, elegant design. Mounted at a high point on the wall or the ceiling, the heater does not take up any space on your patio. Therefore, it does not get in the way of patio- or garden furniture and you can freely furnish your outdoor area. Additionally, the patio heater’s colour choices further facilitate the combination of the devices with your existing furniture.

The product is available in black, white and silver, enabling you to choose a colour that fits your outdoor decoration or furniture. You decide if your Teras X20 will be a subtle source of warmth in the base colour of your patio furniture or if it will be a colour contrast and decorative highlight. As soon as the VASNER outdoor infrared heater is spotted, its high quality is immediately noticeable. This is because only carefully chosen material is used in the manufacturing of this product. The robust metal and the premium construction make the VASNER patio heater a long-lasting, beautiful piece for your patio.

Teras X20 Installation » Possible within Minutes Thanks to VASNER’s Patio Heater Mount

Outdoor Infrared Heater Mount with Safety Distance

VASNER outdoor infrared heaters are delivered with a special mount that allows a quick and safe installation of the products. The two pieces of the modular mount allow for a flexible orientation even after mounting. Enabling you to angle the heater to the left or right, as well as up and down. Additionally, the mount ensures a 20 cm safety distance between the heater and the wall or ceiling. This prevents unsightly discolorations on the wall due to heat.

For Flexible Mounting on Different Surfaces

Depending on the material and layout of your patio, you can freely decide which mounting elements to use. Use the shorter connection element to mount the heater directly underneath protruding features of your house or a lintel. If your exterior facade features potentially combustible materials, it is advisable to use both fastening elements to ensure for enough space between the wall or ceiling and the heater. These flexible and versatile mounting options are valuable benefits of the new Teras X20 patio heater.

Quick Plug-in Connection

To allow for a quick connection, VASNER’s products feature a practical mains adapter. If the cable connected to this adapter disrupts the aesthetic of your patio, the adapter can be removed, and the outdoor infrared heater can be directly wired into the wall and to the grid by an electrician. Naturally, this does not impact your warranty. Due to its stand-by mode, the Teras X20 cannot be combined with an external thermostat to offer frost protection.

Mobile Use with Patio Heater Stand

If you require mobile warmth, rather than using the Teras X20 as a ceiling or wall mounted heat source, you can buy a VASNER heater stand and transform the Teras X20 into a freestanding, portable patio heater. The versatile basis is height-adjustable and can be set between 78 and 189 cm.

Vertical Alignment of the VASNER Teras X20 Outdoor Infrared Heater

The new round-design outdoor infrared heater can also be aligned vertically to save valuable space on your patio. In order to achieve this, employ one of the included wing screws to connect the heater with VASNER’s wall mount. The centre drill hole allows a flexible adjustment of the heating angle by tilting the heater forward. Important: The electric unit featuring the LED indicator needs to be positioned on the bottom when mounting the heater in a vertical manner.

Individual Mounts for VASNER Gastronomy Heaters

Due to its high-grade quality, the Teras X20 is also suitable for professional use. For commercial customers, the premium manufacturer offers additional individual heater mounts for a discreet installation of heaters in hotels, bars, and restaurants. This service includes a consultation concerning the colour choice of the gastronomy heaters, tips for optimal positioning and the production of an ideal mount. With the help of an optimal mount, the infrared patio heaters offer targeted, pleasant warmth for your guests while perfectly blending in with the rest of your interior design and furniture.
VASNER outdoor infrared heaters – professional quality for the gastronomy industry and for your home. Please note: Professional electric infrared heaters with high performance should always be used with a semi time lag / time lag fuse.

Terrace heater with assembled three piece mount

The Ideal Patio Heater for the Use on a Changing Table

Thanks to its flexible temperature adjustment and immediate heating effect, VASNER’s outdoor infrared heater is ideally suited for the usage as an indoor baby heater. The device creates pleasant warmth at the press of a button during changing without the need to preheat the nursery in a time-consuming way. Additionally, the changing table heater possesses different heat levels to allow you to choose a lovely warmth that is ideal for the delicate skin of your baby. If mounted on the wall or ceiling above the changing table, the energy efficient patio heater creates targeted warmth. Alternatively, the infrared heater can also be used in a mobile way with the additional VASNER heater stand, to be used e.g. spontaneously in the bathroom when bathing your little one.

Safety and Maintenance » Safety Guard + Additional Protective Cover

The Teras X20 outdoor infrared heater is designed for a highly safe use. The metal lattice covering the heating technology and the reflector prevents external matter from getting into the device. For reliable protection while heating.

VASNER electric patio heaters are maintenance-free and do not require any additional care. To remove dust from the exterior, simply use a lightly moistened cloth. Other than that, no additional maintenance is required. If you wish to protect your outdoor infrared heater from harsh weather conditions while not in use, you can acquire the VASNER AirCape cover hood which is available for ceiling mounted as well as free standing heaters. This practical accessory ensures that no dust settles on the outdoor heaters and prevents colour fade caused by sun exposure. This way, your infrared heater will appear like new for a long time.

Outdoor infrared heater cover black

VASNER Outdoor Infrared Heaters in Comparison » Teras X20, SlimLine X20 and Appino 20

The Teras X20 outdoor infrared heater is the new addition to the VASNER patio heater range. All heater models of the manufacturer – the new Teras X20, SlimLine X20 and Appino 20 – have their own convincing strengths. Among other things, the three radiators differ in design, the integrated heating technology and the mounting options. The most important information and differences between the radiant heaters can be found in the table below.

Feature Teras X20 SlimLine X20 Appino 20
Infrared Heating Element
  • Gold tube with ultra-low glare
  • 5.000 hours of warmth
  • Dimmed light / warm light in dark orange
  • Immediate warmth
  • Ultra Star Low Glare Tube
  • 8.000 hours of warmth
  • 85% less light
  • Immediate heat
  • Gold tube with ultra-low glare
  • 5.000 hours of warmth
  • Dimmed light / warm light in dark orange
  • Immediate warmth
Heating Performance
  • Max. 2 kW or 2000 watts
  • Max. 2 kW or 2000 watts
  • Max. 2 kW or 2000 watts
  • Round, modern design in white, black or silver-grey
  • Compact construction – for easy mounting in corners
  • Extra slim design in silver and black
  • Can also be mounted vertically
  • Angular design in black, white or silver
  • 6 heat settings available via remote control
  • Button for manual operation on the device (with 3 heat levels)
  • Main circuit breaker on the device
  • 6 heat settings available via remote control
  • Button for manual control on the device
  • Continuous temperature control via app
  • 5 heat settings available via remote control
  • Button for manual control on the device

VASNER – A piece of home.