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Project Description

Infrared Parasol Heater for Outdoor Umbrellas
VASNER Umbrella X30

VASNER presents the Umbrella X30 parasol heater in premium quality for private backyards, patios and open-air restaurants. Thanks to its innovative mount, you can attach the three-armed infrared heater to any umbrella pole within seconds. Together, the three patio heaters distribute warmth all around the sunshade (shared beam angle: 120° – 360°), heating your entire outdoor space. With the included remote control, you can switch all three electric parasol heaters on / off separately to define the heating area and overall heat output. For discreet mounting, the umbrella heater is available in different colours (black and silver). Enabling you to choose the model that best matches your parasol pole. In order to attach the infrared umbrella heater to sunshades, patio heater stands and marquee tent poles, the mount can be opened easily and adjusted via setscrew to fit the diameter of the chosen metal rod. For this purpose, VASNER offers 2 models of the umbrella heater: One that is compatible with a diameter of 20 – 55 mm and a second for 40 – 80 mm rods. Thanks to its maximum heating performance of 3000 watts, the parasol heater with targeted infrared rays keeps everyone under your umbrella nice and warm. Even in windy weather. Not even a heavy rain shower can damage the outdoor umbrella heater with IP65 weather protection. Its water jet resistance allows for permanent mounting in unprotected outdoor areas. Making the quality parasol patio heater a great heat source for terraces, backyards, beer gardens and open-air cafés.

The electric parasol heater „VASNER Umbrella X30“
» For flexible mounting under any sunshade or patio umbrella.

New Product Features

  • Three-armed parasol heater
  • 2 models: For rod diameters
    20 – 55 mm and 40 – 80 mm
  • 3000 watt output: 1000 watts per heater
  • With remote control
  • Each umbrella heater is separately controllable
  • Less brightness: Ultra low glare
  • IP protection: IP65 jet waterproof
  • For patio umbrellas, marquees, heater stands
  • Available in black and silver

Price: 299,-€


3000 watt max. output
1000 watts per heater

IP65 weather protection
Rain + water-jet proof

Quick, flexible mounting
For bar Ø 20 – 55 mm and 40 – 80 mm

Ideal for outdoor restaurants
For private and professional use

Parasol Heater with 1000 – 3000 Watts and Remote Control

Umbrella X30 Black

Umbrella X30 Silver

Each individual parasol heater emits 1000 watts of infrared warmth. So in all, the three umbrella heaters offer a combined heat output of up to 3000 watts. Perfect for a cosy temperature underneath any sunshade.

Using the included remote control, the outdoor parasol patio heaters can be switched on / off individually. This is especially practical if a lower heating power is required or if you would like to only point the infrared warmth in a certain direction. Each electric heater has a beam angle of around 120°. Thanks to its water resistance and adjustable heating area, the Umbrella X30 parasol heater is also ideal for hanging sunshades and cantilever umbrellas with an offset stand.

Another key feature of the VASNER parasol heater is its new swivel joint. This can be used to define the desired heating area even more precisely. All three electric patio heaters are rotatable by 90°, allowing you to choose between a more concentrated or broad heat distribution under your umbrella. Position each infrared heater horizontally or vertically for targeted warmth.

Rotatable by 90°

For a concentrated / broad warmth distribution.

Beam angle of up to 360°

For heat all around your parasol.

Individually controllable

Turn the heaters on / off separately.

Quick height adjustment

In just one step, the mounting height can be varied.

Each parasol heater can be rotated by 90°

Parasol heater with remote control and power cord

Heaters set vertically

Electric parasol heater horizontal position for even warmth

Horizontal setting for a broad heat distribution

Outdoor umbrella heater with waterproof swivel joint

Special waterproof swivel joint

Infrared Umbrella Heater with Reduced Brightness
Ultra Low Glare Technology

The VASNER Umbrella X30 parasol heater helps create a cosy atmosphere with more than just its gentle, targeted warmth. Thanks to its new ultra low glare gold tube, the state-of-the-art umbrella heater emits even less light than conventional low glare patio heaters. What’s left is an atmospheric, dark orange glow that adds to the pleasant ambience on your terrace.

Further advantages of the special heating technology are:

The tube of the electric parasol heater reaches its maximum output almost immediately after being switched on. No warm-up phase and no waiting in the cold.

The impressive light reduction of the parasol electric patio heater goes hand in hand with a decreased wavelength. This leads to the following advantage: The targeted infrared warmth always reaches its destination reliably – even in a breeze. Making the umbrella heaters a perfect heat source for every outdoor market or beer garden without wind protection.

Parasol Heater Installation and Usage

Power Plug

The three electric parasol heaters share a single power cable that can be plugged into any standard household socket. The cord makes use of the maximum permissible cable length for this product type (1,90 m). Offering complete flexibility in the positioning of your patio umbrella.

Easy Mounting

The well-designed, three armed mount allows you to attach the parasol heater to virtually any umbrella in just a few seconds. In order to do so, you must only open the fixture and hang it on the selected pole. When fastening, the mount can be adjusted flexibly to fit the diameter of the chosen shade mast. VASNER patio umbrella heaters are compatible with a rod diameter of 20 – 55 mm or 40 – 80 mm, depending on the chosen model.

Safety Features

Thanks to its IP65 protection against rain and strong water jets, the VASNER Umbrella X30 parasol heater can remain mounted outside permanently. If you would like to close your umbrella after use, the heater mount can be loosened easily, in order to slide it down the pole and make room for the fabric. Especially practical for folding umbrellas.

Patio parasol heater with flexible mount

The mount can be opened easily…

… and adjusted to the diameter of the pole.

Patio parasol heater vertical silver white

Silver parasol heater with a white mount

Please note: Thanks to its impressive heat output, the electric parasol heater reaches fairly high temperatures. Therefore, during use and even some time after being switched off, the product must NEVER come into contact with the fabric of your umbrella. Otherwise, this may result in damages to the parasol heater or your sunshade. To avoid such heat damage, please always maintain a sufficient safety distance between the patio heater and flammable materials.

Perfect for Open-Air Restaurants, Cafés and Beer Gardens
VASNER Umbrella X30 Infrared Parasol Heater

As an experienced manufacturer of infrared patio heaters, VASNER offers well-conceived brand products with exceptionally high performance quality. Like other VASNER devices, Umbrella X30 parasol heaters combine high functionality with an elegant design. Available in the colours black and silver, the new infrared heater also stands out thanks to its highly flexible use: Easily mountable and controllable via remote control. However, these aren’t the only benefits that make the electric umbrella heater popular for the use at home as well as in the professional catering industry.

Especially the high water protection opens up new possibilities in terms of year-round use in outdoor catering areas. Regardless of whether you would like to heat a hotel terrace, beer garden, balcony or open-air restaurant: VASNER infrared parasol heaters keep your guests nice and warm in the evening and during transitional seasons. This means you can extend your business hours every night and even your entire seasonal business. Because, thanks to VASNER umbrella heaters, your guests continue to enjoy full use of your outside terrace in spring and fall.

The main advantage of infrared patio heaters over conventional gas heaters is their direct heating effect without warming up the surrounding air. Similar to gentle sun rays, the emission-free radiant warmth of infrared parasol heaters always reaches your guests reliably – even in case of a cool breeze. Additionally, the infrared warmth is stored in all surfaces and objects, so the table, benches and chairs in your seating area remain nice and warm. For relaxing summer vibes outside the peak season.

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