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Project Description

Mirror Heating Panel with Lateral LED Lighting and an Ultra-Flat Design

VASNER Zipris SR LED – The New Luxury for Bathrooms and Living Spaces.

Starting now, you can enjoy the great feeling of infrared warmth in your bathroom, hallway or bedroom with a Zipris mirror heating panel mounted on the wall.

VASNER presents the SR LED series, an ultra-flat mirror radiator with lateral LED light. Virtually invisible, the infrared heating panel has been integrated into the mirror. German carbon fibre technology makes the mirror into a full-fledged infrared panel heater, which also features state-of-the-art LED lighting. And all this with a frameless construction depth of only 2 cm. Another special feature is the unbelievable size of the products with up to 140 cm of width. This enables the bathroom mirrors to be mounted horizontally, e.g. over double washbasins.

With a Zipris SR LED mirror heating panel you receive a highly effective infrared room heater for additional warmth. The high efficiency makes it possible to provide every room with pleasant radiant heat. This makes the mirror heater a popular choice for renovations, extensions and new buildings. Especially ideal when the original heating system can only be removed with great effort or at high cost. In this case the infrared mirror heating panel offers a perfect, inexpensive and simple solution for you.

New Product Features

  • 100% Made in Germany
  • TÜV tested and certified
  • Ultra-flat mirror heating panel, frameless
  • Lateral LED light, warm white
  • High carbon heat efficiency
  • Special ESG safety glass
  • New, very simple mounting bracket
  • IPX4 safety for bathroom (humidity)
Quality mirror heating panel with 5 year warranty and TÜV certificate

Price: 749 – 949,-€


The Elegant Mirror Heating Panel
With Warm-White Lateral Lighting

The satinised glass areas on both ends of the mirror heating panel provide pleasant mood lighting that is emitted from the front and sides of the panel. The sandblasted surfaces ensure a pleasant diffuse lighting effect. Thanks to the open design, the LED light shines through the satinised glass areas at the front as well as laterally behind the camouflaged radiator. Special mirror heaters that create a stunning visual effect in the bathroom, bedroom or hallway.

The Mirror Heating Panel with a Frameless Design

In order to keep the SR LED mirror heating panel nice and flat, it has been designed without a frame. This has the advantage that the panel is not identifiable as an infrared radiator, but instead looks like a normal illuminated mirror. Especially the lateral light hides the fact that it is a full-fledged radiant heater. VASNER Zipris SR LED – The extra flat designer heating panel.

Super flat mirror heating panel with LED light strips

Ultra-flat and frameless with satinised area for lighting

Infrared mirror heating panel in German quality

Elegant mirror heating panel for bathroom, office, hallway

Mirror Heating Panel with Maximum Efficiency through High Quality Technology
100% Made in Germany

Each Zipris mirror heating panel is 100% manufactured in Germany as part of a high quality series. Everything, from the glass to the LED technology, sandblasting, metal processing, carbon technology and electrical components, is entirely manufactured and / or implemented in Germany. With the VASNER Zipris SR LED mirror radiator, you experience proven technology with a high level of quality and durability. You will also notice the quality difference in the even heat distribution. The high-grade carbon infrared heating filament is installed behind the surface of the mirror and is free of bumps and kinks. As a result, the pleasant radiant warmth is optimally distributed in the room and maximum heating efficiency is achieved.

German Carbon Fibre Technology Designed for Durability

Due to the high differences in quality and durability that exist in the field of infrared filaments, only German carbon technology is used in the Zipris mirror heating panel. We want you to enjoy your product for as long as possible. Therefore, we offer a 5-year warranty on the panel heater and its technology.

Even Infrared Radiant Warmth

Electric mirror radiator with even infrared radiant warmth

Mirror Heating Panel with IPX4 Splash-Protection
Suitable for Bathrooms and Other Humid Areas

The Zipris SR LED mirror heating panel with a stylish, flat design and LED technology is ideal for bathrooms and other moist locations. Thanks to its high protection class IPX4, the infrared radiant heater is splash-proof and can therefore be installed in the bathroom without a problem. Create a cosy oasis of warmth with a mirror radiator above your sink, for example, and enjoy the start of every day even more.

The elegantly camouflaged mirror heating panel with atmospheric LED lighting has further advantages for use as a bathroom radiator: Its direct radiant warmth is absorbed by the objects and surfaces in the room and subsequently emitted anew from there. The resulting heat from all sides not only contributes to a cosy wellness feeling. It also keeps the surrounding surfaces warm and dry, thus preventing condensation and mould from forming on the wall, even in high humidity. An additional benefit? When heating, the glass surface of the camouflaged panel infrared heater remains fog-free.

Available Models of the Zipris SR Mirror Heating Panel Series

Sizes and Output

Mirror Heating Panel Output Design Dimensions (H x W x D) Weight Price
400 watts Frameless 60 x 90 x 2 cm 9 kg 749,-€
500 watts Frameless 60 x 110 x 2 cm 12 kg 849,-€
700 watts Frameless 60 x 140 x 2 cm 15 kg 949,-€

TÜV-Süd Certification and 5-Year Warranty

We are experts when it comes to infrared technology. The TÜV Süd seal of the Zipris mirror heating panel speaks for itself. As an additional guarantee, we provide a 5-year warranty on all SR LED radiator mirrors.

Special Wall Bracket for Quick and Easy Mounting of Mirror Heating Panels

Thanks to the super-flat construction of only 2 cm and the well thought-out VASNER bracket, the mirror heating panel rests closely against the wall without a frame and looks like a regular bathroom mirror. This allows the powerful room heater to be mounted above the sink to save space, leaving more room for other bathroom furniture. For installation, the practical bracket is mounted on the wall in the desired location and the mirror heater is simply snapped into place afterwards. Just like that, you can enjoy cosy infrared warmth. In contrast to a warm water heating system, no additional pipes are required for installation. Simply plug the panel heater in with its power cord or have it permanently connected to the mains by a specialist. Even if the plug of the mirror heating panel must be disconnected for this purpose, the warranty of the device remains intact.

Smart Temperature Control with a Digital Thermostat by VASNER

The infrared mirror heating panel heats the room using direct thermal waves instead of warming up the air to raise the temperature. This makes it a very efficient electric heater. For an even more sustainable heating process, combine the infrared mirror heater with a VASNER radio thermostat set or socket thermostat. The digital thermostats allow you to program an individual heating sequence based on the day of the week and time of day. This way, the mirror heating panel is only activated when warmth is really needed. Allowing you to always enjoy an ideal room temperature when you are at home. For example, the bathroom is automatically pre-heated in the morning before taking a shower and the temperature is lowered during your working hours throughout the week. The ideal way to save heating costs and enjoy maximum living comfort. You can find the optional accessories in the VASNER online shop.

EU Regulation Thermostat Control

Within the scope of Regulation (EU) 2015/1188, electric room heaters must be controlled and operated via electronic room temperature controllers (thermostats) with a “weekday control” and “window-open-detection” function or “adaptive control of the start of heating”. For example, with the matching thermostat set VASNER VFTB you can optimally control your mirror heating panel.

You can find the VFTB room thermostat system here. >>

Cost to Run Mirror Heating Panel
Calculation of Consumption and Heating Costs

Since a mirror heating panel is electrically operated, only your electricity price and the heat output of the device are needed to determine the running costs. Assuming an average German energy price of 29 cents / kWh, the heating costs of a 400 watt mirror heater can be calculated as follows:

0,4 kW * 0,29 € / kWh ≈ 0,12 € / h

Heating costs of only 12 cents per hour are incurred.

» Heating Requirement Calculator

Separate Control of the Light and Heat of VASNER Zipris SR LED Mirror Heating Panels

There are separate electrical connections for the light and heat of the mirror heating panels by VASNER. This allows for individual control of the LEDs and the infrared heat output. The designer radiator comes equipped with a standard power plug which can be easily connected to a conventional socket or a socket thermostat. Alternatively, the mains plug can be cut off by a specialist and permanently connected to the mains / thermostat for optimum control of the temperature. Of course, the guarantee of the articles remains intact even in this case. The LED light, on the other hand, is supplied with power via a separate flat transformer (included in the delivery). This makes it possible to connect the LED light of the mirror radiators to the power supply and control it independently (electrical knowledge required!). An on/off switch for the lateral LED light is not included in the delivery of the mirror heating panel.

Mirror heating panel power connections for heat and light control

Buy a Zipris LED Light Switch for Your Mirror Heating Panel

A suitable light switch for separate control of the lateral LEDs can be found in the VASNER SHOP. It can easily be attached to the transformer at the back of the mirror heating panel. To do so, loosen the two screws of the luster connection, insert both wires of the switch in the designated place and retighten the screws. Now you can operate the LED light of the mirror heater independently!

» Buy Zipris Light Switch
Optional light switch for infrared mirror heating panel

Buy Designer Panel Heaters in our VASNER SHOP

All VASNER Zipris products are available online in the VASNER SHOP for home and garden accessories. Quick, free shipping (within Germany beginning at 49 EUR) and a large selection of different payment methods distinguish the manufacturer shop. For more information and detailed advice, please contact the VASNER expert team at: +49 (0)5246 – 93 55 625

VASNER Zipris SR LED – The extra flat mirror heating panel with warm white LED light.

VASNER – A piece of home.

Please note:

Maximum efficiency: approx. 98% of the electrical energy used is converted into thermal output.

You can view the ErP table for this electric heating panel in the section: PDF Download.

To estimate the wattage required to heat each m², please use our online calculator >>