Panel Heater Accessories for VASNER Heating Panels

Practical infrared panel heater accessories for your VASNER heating panels. The accessories allow for more flexibility in the use of your device and contribute to maximum comfort. Whether for everyday use at home or in the office - the innovative infrared heating panel accessories in a stylish design enable efficient heating and provide added convenience.

Practical infrared panel heater accessories for your VASNER heating panels. The accessories allow for more flexibility in the use of your device and contribute to maximum comfort. Whether for... read more »
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Panel Heater Accessories for VASNER Heating Panels

Practical infrared panel heater accessories for your VASNER heating panels. The accessories allow for more flexibility in the use of your device and contribute to maximum comfort. Whether for everyday use at home or in the office - the innovative infrared heating panel accessories in a stylish design enable efficient heating and provide added convenience.

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Light switch for VASNER Zipris S + SR LED mirror heater
VASNER Zipris LED Light Switch for Infrared...
  • For VASNER Zipris S + SR LED
  • Separate control of the LED light
  • Easy connection to the transformer
  • Available in white and black
Citara Infrarotheizung Handtuchhalter aus ferritischem Stahl, pulverbeschichtet in Weiß, Silber, Grau, Schwarz
VASNER Citara Infrared Panel Heater Towel Rail Set
  • For 700 / 900 / 1100 watt Citara
  • Made of quality aluminium
  • Elegant, brushed surface
  • Set of 2 - Quick assembly
Infrared panel heater standing feet - black & white metal
VASNER Citara Infrared Panel Heater Feet
  • For the VASNER Citara series
  • For mobile, flexible warmth
  • Nice design, quality metal
  • Quick assembly, high stability
Colour selection to turn Konvi in white and black into a freestanding device
VASNER Konvi Hybrid Panel Heater Feet
  • For Konvi hybrid panel heaters
  • For mobile, flexible heat
  • Quality metal - in white or black
  • Quick assembly, high stability

A VASNER Information Page on Infrared Panel Heater Accessories

Infrared heating panel accessories are becoming more and more popular as an increasing number of people decide to switch from a conventional heating system to infrared panel heaters. The modern items help you to heat even more efficiently, be more flexible in the installation and positioning of your heating element and provide you with maximum convenience.

In this guide you will learn interesting facts about infrared panel heater accessories and their advantages.

Table of Contents

Which Panel Heater Accessories Can I Buy?

You can find a select range of high-quality infrared panel heater accessories in the VASNER online shop. An overview of the products is listed below.

Heating Panel Thermostats as Essential Panel Heater Accessories


One product that infrared heating panel owners cannot do without, is a thermostat for efficient control of the heater and to reduce heating costs. Whether plug-in / socket thermostats, radio thermostats, surface-mounted thermostats, flush-mounted thermostats, digital thermostats, transmitters and receivers in a set or sold individually - you will find a wide range of different room thermostats in the VASNER online shop. A thermostat is so important as an infrared heating panel accessory because it is the best way to ensure a maximally efficient operation of the electric radiators and save energy. For example, VASNER thermostats have an auto. window-open detection function that ensures that the output of the infrared heater is lowered immediately and only rises again after the window has been closed. This prevents unnecessary heating costs due to heat loss through the window. You can also define specific weekly or daily heating programmes using your room thermostat so that the correct temperature is automatically maintained in the room. For example, if you are away at work during the day and only need cosy warmth at home in the evening, you can specify this via your thermostat and it will be implemented automatically. But if you feel too warm or too cold at any given moment, you can also instantly change the target temperature with a precision of up to half a degree Celsius. Furthermore, you can always view the current room temperature in the display of your thermostat. If you will not be at home for a few days and are afraid that the temperature might drop too low, a thermostat is the perfect solution because it provides your rooms with frost protection. Another advantage is that a single transmitter can serve as a remote control for several devices at once if each heating panel is equipped with its own receiver. A VASNER radio thermostat or socket thermostat is also suitable for heating panels and electric heaters (with a power cable) by other manufacturers.

Metal Supporting Feet as Infrared Heating Panel Accessories for VASNER Citara Models


These stylish and practical accessories for your VASNER Citara panel heater (excluding 300 watt models) add to the flexibility when positioning your radiator. The metal stands in a modern triangular shape transform your VASNER Citara heating panel from a wall heater into a flexible, portable heat source. Thanks to these practical panel heater accessories, you can enjoy the pleasant infrared heat anywhere you like whenever you want - depending on where you would like to spend time and make yourself comfortable. Your heating panel will have a firm and secure footing, as the metal feet are very stable and of high quality. Thanks to a special powder coating in the colour white or black, the feet look elegant and discreet. They can be quickly attached to your radiator with only four screws. Another advantage of these panel heater accessories are their long guide rails, which allow you to vary the height of your device and the distance between the floor and the radiator.

Metal Stands as Accessories for VASNER Konvi Hybrid Heating Panels

The metal pedestal set is a must-have panel heater accessory for your VASNER Konvi hybrid infrared heating panel. With these stands, you can quickly and easily convert your Konvi wall heater (Konvi VE models excluded) into a free-standing heat source, thereby offering a greater degree of flexibility in the choice of heating area. Instead of wall mounting, you can simply attach these feet to your panel heater once and then move or carry the device wherever you require infrared + convection warmth. The feet are made of sturdy metal with a powder coating in the colour white or black. Thanks to their solid material thickness and a width of 20,5 cm, the feet are remarkably sturdy and provide the electric heater with a stable stand. In addition, the supporting feet create an optimal distance of approx. 5 cm between the floor and the radiator, which is important so that the ventilation slots at the bottom of the Konvi hybrid heating panel have enough space. Enabling the convection process to take place without restriction.

Aluminium Towel Rails as an Infrared Panel Heater Accessory for Added Comfort


These practical and highly decorative infrared heating panel accessories have been specially designed for VASNER Citara panel heaters and will make your life more convenient. The two bars made of high-quality aluminium with a lightly brushed surface act as towel rails. The elegant towel holders in a matt-silver look can be mounted horizontally on your VASNER Citara radiant panel allowing you to hang your towels after showering. This way, you are always provided with warm and dry towels, which leaves you feeling very comfortable and cosy after every shower. The installation of these panel heater accessories can be performed quickly and easily by attaching each towel rail to the back of your heating device with just two screws. The towel rails are compatible with the 650 watt, 700 watt, 900 watt and 1100 watt models of the VASNER Citara G, Citara M, Citara M Plus and Citara T heater series.

Light Switches for VASNER Zipris Mirror Heaters with LED Lighting


The LED light of VASNER Zipris mirror heaters can be controlled separately using this practical accessory. Simply attach the two wires of the switch to the transformer at the back of the camouflaged heating panel. The elegant switch in black or white will then allow you to turn the LED light of your Zipris wall heater on and off without changing the heat output.

One infrared panel heater accessory that you should definitely buy is a suitable thermostat system. Beyond the purchased control technology, other recommended accessories depend on the type of infrared heating system you already have or intend to buy, and what is most important to you when heating. For this reason, it is not possible to provide a general answer to the question of which panel heater accessories you should consider buying. To receive a satisfactory answer to this question, you can always contact the VASNER service team for a free consultation. Our competent and friendly staff will help you find the best heating solution and suitable panel heater accessories. You can reach VASNER's customer support team by calling +49 (0)5246 - 9355625 or sending an email to

Where Can I Buy Panel Heater Accessories Online?

If you would like to buy innovative, stylish infrared heating panel accessories in top quality, VASNER's online shop is the right place for you. You will receive free shipping from a purchase value of € 49 throughout Germany. Free shipping is also offered to Austria, NL, LU and BE - from an order value of 99 €. If you would like to inspect the infrared panel heater accessories in person before making a purchase decision, you are more than welcome to visit the VASNER salesroom in Verl. However, an appointment is required so that the staff can properly consult you about your choice of heating panel accessories.

Is it Possible for VASNER to Repair my Infrared Panel Heater?

VASNER not only offers high-quality infrared heating panel accessories, but also spare parts and panel heater repairs. If something is not working properly with your VASNER electric heating panel, it is definitely worth contacting VASNER's service team. They will find out what is wrong with the panel heater and determine whether it is a free warranty case. But even in the event of something breaking on an older appliance or if you need a spare part, it is definitely worth asking VASNER's customer service department. As a panel heater manufacturer, VASNER knows exactly which spare part or heating panel accessory is needed for your panel heater.

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