VASNER Umbrella X30 Parasol Patio Heater 3000 Watts Black

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Parasol Patio Heater | VASNER Umbrella X30 | 3000 Watts | Black | Remote Product Features... more
Product information "VASNER Umbrella X30 Parasol Patio Heater 3000 Watts Black"

Parasol Patio Heater | VASNER Umbrella X30 | 3000 Watts | Black | Remote

Product Features

  • Special mount, fits any pole → heater stand, parasol pole, party tent…
  • 2 models for rod Ø 20 - 55 mm or 40 - 80 mm
  • 3 individually controllable heating elements with 1000 watts each → 3000 watts in total
  • Incl. remote control
  • Reduced brightness → Ultra Low Glare Gold Infrared Tubes
  • IP65 jet water protection
  • Each heater element is rotatable by 90°
  • Black, stylish design


The VASNER Umbrella X30 Parasol Patio Heater creates a cozy atmosphere underneath your sunshade, inside your party tent or when mounted to a heater stand in any space where you need some intensive infrared heat. With the well thought-out bracket the 3 innovative patio heaters can be mounted on any pole with a 20 - 55 mm or 40 - 80 mm diameter.  Just open the adjusting screw and stick the heating device onto the pole. Via the complementary remote control you can switch on each heating element individually or also all of them at the same time. Combined, the three sun-like heaters warm up your body effectively from above with 3000 watts of strong warmth. The highly modern and innovative Ultra Low Glare Gold Tubes are less bright than other types of infrared tubes and therefore are more eye-friendly.  You can point the infrared warmth into a certain direction by twisting the heating elements around their own axis. Thanks to its IP65 jet water and rain protection the VASNER Umbrella X30 can permanently be used outdoors. Apart from being exceptionally practical this parasol patio heater also looks very elegant and decorative with its stylish, black design.

Note: Fixed Connection / Power Plug

  • For a permanent connection to the mains, the power plug must be disconnected.
  • The warranty of the device remains valid.

Details on the Use of the Parasol Patio Heater

Advantages of an Umbrella Heater:

  • Cosy all-round warmth under the umbrella like in the restaurant industry
  • 120° / 240° / 360° heat radius controllable by remote control
  • Quick mounting on parasol poles / patio sunshades / restaurant umbrellas
  • Can be used as a mobile heat source together with an infrared heater stand


  • Remote control
  • Turn all 3 radiant heaters ON / OFF separately
  • → Total output of 1000 W (1 heater active) | 2000 W (2 heaters active) | 3000 W (3 heaters active)
  • Manual control button on device
  • Heating capacity: Max. 3000 watts


  • 3 radiant heaters on one parasol mount
  • For rod diameter: 20 - 55 mm or 40 - 80 mm
  • Material: High quality aluminium
  • Dimensions
    • Diameter of mount + radiant heaters (horizontal position): 73 cm
    • Diameter of mount + radiant heaters (vertical position): 80 cm

Heating Technology:

  • Heating tube: Newest Ultra Low Glare Gold Tube
    • Lightning-fast heat in just seconds
    • Powerful, short-wave A-infrared radiation
    • Reduced glow of the tube
    • Total heating time: approx. 5.000 hours
  • Reflector: Concentrated reflector angle
    • Vertical / horizontal alignment by manually rotating the radiators
    • Additional lateral reflectors on the right and left
    • Reflects warmth over a wide area on all sides with a higher heat concentration in the middle
    • 120° - 360° heating radius around the umbrella

IP Protection:

  • IP65 jet water / rain protection
  • For outdoor use, terrace, catering industry
  • Additionally suitable for humid rooms

Areas of Application:

  • Umbrellas / tent struts / poles with a 20 - 55 mm or 40 - 80 mm diameter
  • Outdoors
  • Indoors
  • Balcony
  • Terrace
  • Backyard
  • Partly covered patio
  • Bathroom
  • Conservatory
  • Garden house
  • Camp site
  • Restaurant industry
  • Seating areas with a sunshade
  • Compatible with certain radiant heater stands

Heating Area:

  • Inside: up to 30 m²
  • Outside: up to 8 - 12 m², depending on wind conditions
  • 120° - 360° heating radius around the parasol


  • Open the closure of the umbrella mount with the adjusting screw
  • Hang the parasol patio heater on the selected rod (Ø 20 – 55 mm or 40 – 80 mm)
  • Close the mount again using the screw
  • Each infrared heater can be rotated by 90° - for a concentrated or broad heat distribution

Current Load and Fuse:

  • A standard household power line delivers approx. 3,5 kW at 16 amperes.
  • Umbrella X30 parasol heaters have an output of 3000 watts = 3 kW.
  • A single infrared heater can be connected per circuit.
  • For simultaneous operation of multiple devices in the same area, a second supply line is required.
  • This can be installed by a qualified electrician.

Safety Distance to Flammable Materials:

  • Upwards / to the rear of the device: At least 20 cm (in case the wind moves the umbrella fabric)
  • To the front: At least 100 cm
  • To each side: 100 cm

Heating Costs:

At an average electricity price of 29 cents:

0,29 € * 3 kW = 0,87 € per hour

* This calculation applies when heating with all 3 umbrella heaters. If only 1 - 2 of the infrared radiators are used, the resulting energy costs are of course lower.

Technical Data

  • Product Type: VASNER Umbrella X30 Parasol Patio Heater
  • Performance: 3 x 1000 watts = 3000 watts altogether
  • Voltage: 220/240V AC ~ 50 Hz
  • Power Plug Included
  • Power plug: Shockproof plug
    For a permanent connection to the mains, the plug must be disconnected by a qualified professional. The warranty will remain valid.
  • Length of the Power Cord: 1,85 m (Maximum permissible length according to safety guidelines)
  • Infrared Type: Ultra Low Glare Gold Tubes
  • Heat radiation type: Shortwave infrared A radiation
  • IP Protection: IP65
  • Color: Black
  • Measurements: Diameter of the mount + heating elements horizontal = 73 cm; Diameter of the mount + heating elements vertical = 80 cm
  • Weight: 2,8 kg
  • Combinable with pole diameter: 20 - 55 mm or 40 – 80 mm

Contents of Delivery

  • 1 x Three-part parasol patio heater VASNER Umbrella X30
  • 1 x Assembly material
  • 1 x Remote control (batteries not included)
  • 1 x Instruction manual
Series: Umbrella X30
Max. Output: 3000 W
Technology: Ultra Low Glare gold
IP Protection: IP65 water-jet proof
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Customer evaluation for "VASNER Umbrella X30 Parasol Patio Heater 3000 Watts Black"
15 Dec 2020

Klein und fein - Edel

Rasche Bearbeitung und Lieferung. Produkt selbst schaut edel aus. Leicht zu montieren.

8 Dec 2020

Sehr edles gut verarbeiteter Sonnenschirm Heizstrahler

Sehr edles gut verarbeiteter Sonnenschirm Heizstrahler

5 Jul 2020

Very Happy

It is a high quality product. The reason I don’t score higher is it could be improved if heater had variable settings of heat instead of either full on or full off. Say 500kw/750kw/1000kw strings for each bulb.

25 May 2020

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