VASNER Zipris S Infrared Mirror Heater with Frame

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  • Output: 400 watts
    Dimensions (H x W x D): 60 x 70 x 2,5 cm
    Weight: 8 kg
Infrared Mirror Heater with a Metal Frame | VASNER Zipris S Product Features 100%... more
Product information "VASNER Zipris S Infrared Mirror Heater with Frame"

Infrared Mirror Heater with a Metal Frame | VASNER Zipris S

Product Features

  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Slim design with only 2,5 cm housing depth
  • Elegant frame made of aluminium, chrome or titanium
  • Models: 400 / 500 / 600 / 700 / 900 watts
  • German infrared carbon heating technology
  • ESG safety glass: Very scratch and impact resistant
  • Surface fog-free during heating
  • Incl. convenient wall mount
  • IPX4 splash water protected
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • TÜV certificate


With an elegant infrared mirror heater on your bathroom wall, you will no longer dread stepping out of the shower every morning! The VASNER Zipris S with a sleek aluminium, chrome or titanium frame offers direct, sun-like warmth for a cosy atmosphere in your bathroom. No more freezing while drying off. The gentle infrared waves provide a pleasant warming effect as soon as they reach your body - without a lengthy warm-up phase. Because you don't need to heat up the entire room air to achieve a noticeable temperature increase. VASNER's innovative electric mirror heater also complements your bathroom decor. Choose the ideal frame to match your tapware and other bathroom furniture. The high-quality aluminium, chrome and titanium frames are lightly brushed and add a touch of luxury to your personal wellness area. The flat design (2,5 cm deep) and the high-quality workmanship of the camouflaged heating panel keep it looking sleek, despite its remarkable heating power. The largest of the five models radiates up to 900 watts of intense warmth. This means, the elegant infrared mirror heaters can be used as the main heat source in different rooms and buildings. Thanks to the warmth emitted, the glass surface does not fog up during the heating process and you enjoy a clear view of your reflection at all times. The safety class IPX4 protects the infrared heating panel against humidity and even splash water, while the special ESG safety glass is very impact and shock resistant. Furthermore, the integrated overheating protection prevents excessive temperatures from being reached. With their TÜV certification and 5-year warranty, you can rely on the high quality and safety of VASNER Zipris S infrared mirror heaters.

Efficient control via thermostat:

  • To use infrared heating panels efficiently, an electronic thermostat is necessary
  • Thermostat is not included (see accessories)
  • The selection of a suitable thermostat depends on the intended application
  • Advantages of programmable thermostats: Automatic temperature change according to time & day, individually programmable + standard heating programs, quick selection settings, frost protection function
  • Panel heaters have an open interface, i.e. they are compatible with every thermostat system
  • Also ideal for integration into smart home environments
  • The heating panel is compatible with thermostats of other manufacturers.
  • Matching VASNER thermostats:
    • VFTB wireless thermostat set
    • VUT35 universal socket thermostat
    • VFT35 wireless thermostat set

Note: Fixed Connection / Power Plug

  • For a permanent connection to the mains, the power plug must be disconnected.
  • The warranty of the device remains valid.

Maximum efficiency: Approx. 98% of the electrical energy used is converted into thermal output.
The Zipris S mirror heater is the high-quality and effective heat source for additional infrared warmth in living spaces. To estimate the wattage required to heat each m², please use our online calculator >>

Within the scope of Regulation (EU) 2015/1188, electric room heaters must be controlled and operated via electronic room temperature controllers (thermostats) with a "weekday control" and "window-open-detection" function or "adaptive control of the start of heating". For example, with the matching thermostat set VASNER VFTB you can optimally control infrared heating panels. The thermostat system can be found below under accessories.

The ErP table for this electric heating panel can be found in the section "Downloads".

Technical Data

  • Article: VASNER Zipris S infrared mirror heater
  • Design: flat, slightly tinted, with frame (aluminium, chrome, titanium)
  • Plug-and-play
  • Power plug: Shockproof plug
    For a permanent connection to the mains, the plug must be disconnected by a qualified professional. The warranty will remain valid.
  • Cable length: 1,8 m
  • Voltage: 230/240V AC ~ 50/60 Hz
  • Heating capacity: 400 // 500 // 600 // 700 // 900 watts
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 60 x 70 x 2.5 cm // 60 x 90 x 2.5 cm // 60 x 110 x 2.5 cm // 60 x 120 x 2.5 cm // 60 x 140 x 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 8 kg // 10 kg // 12 kg // 13 kg // 14 kg
  • Infrared technology: German carbon technology
  • Radiation range / beam angle: max. 3.5 m, up to 170°.
  • IP protection rating: IPX4 (splash-proof)
  • Overheating protection: yes, with safety switch
  • Surface temperature: approx. 90°C
  • Type of radiation: Infrared C radiation, long-wave
  • Heatable room size: up to 20 m² with one heater, depending on the model
  • Surface material: ESG safety glass
  • Mounting bracket: Mount for an easy wall installation
  • Nominal heat output (Pnom): 400 watts: 0,4 kW | 500 watts: 0,5 kW | 600 watts: 0,6 kW | 700 watts: 0,7 kW | 900 watts: 0,9 kW
  • Maximum continuous heat output (Pmax,c): 400 watts: 0,4 kW | 500 watts: 0,5 kW | 600 watts: 0,6 kW | 700 watts: 0,7 kW | 900 watts: 0,9 kW
  • Auxiliary power consumption at nominal heat output (Zipris S aluminium frame*): 400 watt model: 0,422 kW | 500 watt model: 0,523 kW | 600 watt model: 0,614 kW | 700 watt model: 0,731 kW | 900 watt model: 0,913 kW
  • Protection class: I
  • Rated current consumption in amperes: 400 watts: 1,74 A | 500 watts: 2,17 A | 600 watts: 2,61 A | 700 watts: 3,04 A | 900 watts: 3,91 A
  • Maximum efficiency: Approx. 98% of the electrical energy used is converted into thermal output.
  • Effective heating surface (m²) » 400 watts: 0,42 m² | 500 watts: 0,54 m² | 600 watts: 0,66 m² | 700 watts: 0,72 m² | 900 watts: 0,84 m²
  • Certifications: TÜV Süd, GS
  • *For information on other Zipris S models, please see ErP tables

Suitable as a heating system for buildings and living spaces according to requirements of the draft law 19/16716 article 1 §23 paragraph 1 no. 3 GEG.

Mandatory notice according to EU Regulation Ecodesign 2015/1188: This product is not suitable as a main heating appliance. This product is only suitable for well insulated rooms or for occasional use.

Delivery Contents

  • 1 x VASNER Zipris S infrared mirror heater with frame
  • 1 x Wall mount
  • 1 x Mounting kit (dowels & screws)
  • 1 x Instruction manual
Series: Zipris S
Installation / Use: Ceiling, Wall
Output: 400 W, 700 W, 900 W
Features: With frame
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