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Project Description

Electric Patio Heater for Intense Warmth Outdoors
VASNER Teras 25

Premium Carbon Infrared Heater with 2500 Watts, Remote Control and IP65 Rain Protection

This year, VASNER is expanding its radiant wall heater range with the new Teras 25 electric patio heater. The highlight of their latest addition? The carbon infrared heater designed and developed in Germany offers whopping 2500 watts of heating power for an effective distribution of warmth in any outdoor area. Ideal for your patio, open air restaurant, balcony, garden house or conservatory. The new design with an elongated infrared tube ensures that the heat is radiated even further horizontally. In addition, the innovative reflector provides vertically concentrated heat and transports even more warmth. Redefining the concept of “performance” in the radiant heater sector. Thanks to the advanced heating element, the maximum output is reached within seconds, so that the patio heater warms you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Another striking feature of the infrared radiators is their long, slim design with exciting curves and bevelled ends. The construction of the patio heater not only looks extremely elegant and modern, but also allows for a highly flexible installation. Via its sophisticated, adjustable wall mount, the infrared radiant heater can be installed horizontally on the wall and ceiling as well as vertically in corners. Once mounted, the device can be conveniently operated by remote control using 4 heat stages. For a pleasant temperature in any outside area. The electric patio heater can even be used in the open e.g. in backyards, as it is IP65 protected against water jets and can therefore withstand any weather.

Teras 25 – The versatile electric patio heater for cosy warmth outdoors.

New Product Features

  • Concentrated heating power
  • Slanted side design
  • Carbon tube with low brightness
  • Heat output: up to 2500 W.
  • IP65 (dust, rain and jet waterproof)
  • Suitable for damp rooms + outdoor areas
  • With remote control
  • 4 heat settings
  • Available in 3 colours: black, white, silver
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Electric patio heater black, slim, 2500 watts

Teras 25 Black

Silver patio heater infrared 2500 watts

Teras 25 Silver

Elegant patio heater in white, extra-slim, wall + ceiling mounting

Teras 25 White

The Electric Patio Heater in a Refined Design

Carbon Infrared Radiator in Silver, White and Black

An Absolute Eye-Catcher with a Variety of Mounting Options

Ultra-slim and in an elongated design, the new electric patio heater by VASNER can be integrated extremely flexibly into any environment. The space-saving housing converges „conically“ at the back, enabling not only an installation on the wall or ceiling but also an ideal positioning in corners. All edges and corners of the radiant heater are rounded, giving the units an even more elegant and refined appearance. Both ends of the infrared heater (to the right and left of their protective grating) are also slightly slanted. This adds to the fresh and innovative look of the VASNER electric patio heater.

Quality Product in Three Colours

The high-grade workmanship of the solid aluminium housing also includes ventilation slots that allow the infrared carbon heaters to release excess convection warmth to their surroundings in addition to radiant heat. For more safety and increased efficiency. To match your new electric patio heater perfectly with your existing outdoor furniture, the VASNER devices are available in three elegant colours: black, white and silver. The silver heaters are made of anodised aluminum, while the black and white models have a refined powder coating. Chosen in the right tone, the infrared radiator can be integrated into any outdoor area discreetly.

With IP65 Protection, the Electric Patio Heater is Suitable for any Outdoor Area

The resistance of an electrical appliance to water can be derived from the second digit of its IP protection class. The electric patio heater by VASNER has a rating of IP65. This means that the premium carbon radiant heater is not only protected against the occasional drop of rain, but even against strong water jets. No matter whether it is mounted under the awning of a terrace or in a completely open area: VASNER’s Teras 25 can remain installed outside all year round without damage or loss of function. The patio heater’s high-quality metal housing always protects its internal technology reliably against moisture. As the heaters are electrically operated without the use of gas, they also provide safe, cosy warmth at the touch of a button inside your home and other closed spaces such as garden houses and garages. Completely odourless and noise-free, so that you can enjoy the sun-like rays of the electric patio heater in peace.

Using the Remote Control the Carbon Infrared Heater can be Dimmed in 4 Heat Settings

With 2500 watts, the elegant electric patio heater by VASNER creates summerlike temperatures in any outdoor environment. You will find the main switch to turn on your Teras 25 at the back of the device. With this switch, you can easily power off the carbon radiant heater after use. As soon as you have turned the infrared heater on, it enters standby mode. Now you can set the desired heating level using the button on the back of the electric heater or even more conveniently via remote control. The selected heat setting can be viewed in the LED display at any time. Once you have found the perfect heat level for your outdoor area, the practical remote control allows you to restore the previous setting when you next use your wall mounted heater. For ideal warmth and an even more convenient operation.

The following performance levels are available:

Level Heating capacity
1 700 watts
2 1100 watts
3 1500 watts
4 2500 watts
Outdoor radiant heater with 4 output settings up to 2500 watts

The Electric Patio Heater with Infrared Carbon Technology
For Quick, Targeted Warmth and Less Brightness

Just like other VASNER products, the new electric patio heater is equipped with the most innovative heating technology. The carbon tube of the radiant heater offers several advantages at once:

Concentrated infrared warmth

The carbon radiant heater generates short-wave A infrared radiation. Since this type of warmth is particularly resistant to wind, it is the ideal choice for outdoor heating.

Immediate heat generation

After being switched on, it takes less than a minute for the electric patio heater to achieve its full heating effect. Without an annoying warm up period. Perfect for spontaneous backyard parties or pleasant evenings on your terrace.

Long service life

In addition to its quick, intense heat, the infrared carbon tube features another strength: it allows for considerably more operating hours compared to similar heating elements. With the VASNER patio heater, you benefit from a total of around 10,000 hours of heat.

Strong reduction of glare

Despite its impressive performance and intense heat, the carbon tube emits a pleasant dark orange glow instead of bright light. For an even cosier atmosphere.

Electric patio heater black, modern, space-saving

The Ideal Reflector for Concentrated Heat

Not only the chosen infrared tube determines the ultimate heating effect of an electric patio heater. The integrated reflector also contributes significantly to the perceived radiation. On the one hand, the built-in mirror prevents the generated warmth from being lost towards the back of the device. Therefore, the invested energy is almost completely transformed into noticeable heat. On the other hand, the reflector defines the effective range of the infrared radiation. Both the Teras 25 carbon technology and the sophisticated reflector work together to create vertically concentrated heat radiation with a beam angle of approximately 98°.

Tip: Use a Patio Heater Cover for Long-Term Efficiency

In closed rooms, a maximum heating area of approx. 30 m² can be achieved with the electric patio heater, while outdoors up to around 15 m² can be covered.

In order to protect the reflector from dirt and dust when not in use and thus guarantee a long-lasting efficiency of the electric radiator, VASNER offers AirCape heater covers. The AirCape protective hood in the size L can easily be slipped over your Teras 25 when it is switched off and fully cooled down, to preserve its novel appearance and guarantee maximum efficiency for as long as possible.

Electric patio heater infrared 2500 watts
Electric infrared heater for patio, garden, balcony

Newly Developed Mounting System for a Simple, Flexible Installation of Teras 25 Carbon Heaters

VASNER has developed a brand new wall bracket especially for the Teras 25 electric patio heater. The two-part mounting system is attached to the back of the radiant heater with Allen screws. But what makes the innovative bracket so special? A rail on the back of the patio heaters allows the user to slide the mounts freely along the length or rather the width of the devices and adjust them flexibly. With the enclosed screws and dowels, the fixtures can then be attached to the selected ceiling or wall surface. Regardless of the width of the selected wall section, the infrared radiator is then mounted securely – with sufficient safety distance to the respective surface (18 cm). Thanks to its slim, compact design, the carbon radiator is a space-saving alternative to free-standing infrared heaters. Installed in corners or under the roof of your terrace, the electric heater only stands out thanks to its intense heat radiation.

Wall / ceiling mount with adjusting rail

Infrared patio heater with unique mount

Adjusting range of the mounting system

Electric patio heater wall ceiling mount adjustable
For an even more discreet installation, the long cable (1,85 m) of the electric patio heater can be cut by a qualified electrician to connect the device directly to the mains supply. Even in this case, the warranty of the heater remains valid.

Horizontal and Vertical Installation Options

The Teras 25 is designed to be mounted horizontally or vertically. This opens up completely new possibilities for perpendicular installation. For example, position the patio heater vertically in a wall corner. This is a true visual highlight.

If the ceiling heater is mounted vertically, it is essential that the electronic unit of the device is pointing downwards. This is located at the same end of the heater as the LED display.

Premium electric patio heaters in black, white, silver

Teras 25 – The perfect heat source for small balconies and open air spaces alike.

VASNER – A piece of home.