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Learn more about VASNER’s latest products. High-quality products for your home, living room, kitchen, garden & terrace. Our categories include infrared heating panels, infrared patio heaters, fans and juicers. Learn what true brand quality means. VASNER – a piece of home.


Electric Patio Heater | VASNER Teras 25

VASNER presents its newest electric patio heater Teras 25 for mounting on walls, ceilings and in corners. The slim, elongated design with rounded edges supports a flexible installation. Another brand new feature is the freely adjustable bracket with a built-in rail. Using the included remote control, you can dim the 2500 watt heating power of the infrared radiator in 4 steps. Even at the highest setting, the innovative carbon tube only emits a pleasant orange glow. For cosy evenings outdoors. The wind-resistant, short-wave infrared radiation combined with the integrated water protection (IP65) equip the patio heater for heating outside. Whether you are on the balcony, your patio or in your backyard - the VASNER Teras 25 carbon radiant heater is the ideal solution for intense, immediate warmth.


Mirror Heating Panel Frameless with Light | Zipris SR LED

The VASNER Zipris SR LED mirror heating panel is a visual delight for every bathroom. Its extra-flat design and frontal and lateral lighting make this heater into a true highlight for your bathroom, hallway and bedroom. The frameless designer radiator is so sleek and elegant that you would not expect to find such powerful infrared and LED technology on the inside. For particularly cosy warmth and soft light. 100% Made in Germany.


Infrared Heating Mirror with Light + Frame | Zipris S LED

VASNER presents the exclusive infrared heating mirror Zipris S LED with integrated light. The 360° circumferential LEDs provide the fully-fledged panel heater with a captivating lighting effect. And all this up to an impressive mirror size of max. 1,40 m. So that even double washbasins can be ideally equipped with a single, continuous mirror. The camouflaged heating panels are of course designed for use in bathrooms and other humid areas with IPX4 safety protection. VASNER Zipris S LED - Genuinely 100% Made in Germany.


Infrared Blackboard Heater | VASNER Citara T

The VASNER Citara T infrared blackboard heater is a camouflaged heat source that can also be used to write down important notes and creatively deliver personal messages. Ultra-flat and inscribable with chalk, the heating panel is only recognizable as such through its gentle heat radiation. Visually, it can hardly be distinguished from a conventional chalkboard. The various panel heater models emit between 300 and 1100 watts of infrared heat. Enough to ensure a comfortable temperature in the kitchen, office or children's room. Thanks to its IPX4 splash water protection, the infrared heating panel is also ideal for use in the bathroom or spa area. The high-quality product for use at home as well as in professional catering establishments and saunas.


Vertical Electric Heaters » VASNER Konvi VE Infrared Hybrid

Vertical electric heaters with a narrow design in white or black and hybrid infrared technology. Enjoy the combination of targeted radiant warmth and efficient convection in any room of your home. Even when only narrow sections of wall are available. Its vertical construction with a width of just 60 cm makes the hybrid infrared panel ideal for heating in tight spaces. Thanks to the mix of direct infrared rays and additionally heated air, the vertical wall heater offers high energy efficiency and quick warmth. Not least because of its integrated thermostat dial with stepless temperature control, the vertical designer radiator is a popular and completely independent heat source that doesn’t require any further accessories to function. Simply plug it in and enjoy its dual heating power. Quality infrared technology + additional convection = higher energy efficiency. Advanced technology by VASNER.


Parasol Heater | VASNER Umbrella X30

Introducing the parasol heater VASNER Umbrella X30 for home patios and open-air restaurants. Enjoy a 360° all-round heat distribution under your sunshade, thanks to the three umbrella heaters that can be switched on / off separately. Additionally, each electric parasol heater is rotatable by 90° to vary between a more concentrated or broad heat distribution. The special mount with three infrared heaters can be adjusted to the diameter of different metal rods. Available in black and silver, you can choose the patio heater that best suits your umbrella pole. For discreet heating in marquee tents and under parasols of any kind. With 3000 watts of targeted infrared radiant warmth (1000 watts per heater) and IP65 water jet protection, the outdoor umbrella heater maintains a cosy temperature in any weather.


Hybrid Infrared Heating Panel + Convection | VASNER Konvi

The new VASNER Konvi hybrid infrared heating panel. The electric heater with thermostat regulation combines the advantages of two heating systems, creating a small technological marvel. The symbiosis between advanced infrared warmth and established convection heating. With a premium design in white or black and completely made of metal. The infrared convection heater – The golden standard when it comes to heating performance and innovation.


Infrared Ceiling Tile Heater | VASNER InfraRaster

The InfraRaster ceiling tile heater by VASNER can be inserted into any suspended ceiling in order to heat business spaces, offices, exhibition areas, salesrooms and medical practices. Space-saving design and sunlike infrared warmth from above for a cosy room climate. The ceiling mounted radiant panels come equipped with IPX4 spray-water protection and are available as single units or double tiles. Depending on which heat output is required to create a pleasant temperature in the desired area. The ideal infrared ceiling panel for newly constructed buildings as well as for retrofitting during renovation work.


Infrared Picture Heaters | VASNER Panora

Panora infrared picture heaters – the absolutely unique heating panel series with your own custom image and remarkably vibrant colours. The individualised picture panel can be designed with the photo and glass finish of your choice. The two available glass types – Semiperl & Gloss – lend each Panora heater an exclusive appearance, while the optional metal frames further help make it indistinguishable from a normal picture on the wall. The infrared heating panel in disguise is 100% made in Germany with highly energy-efficient carbon heating technology for quick and cosy warmth. Thanks to its IPX4 protection against splash water, the infrared picture heater can even be hung in bathrooms and other humid areas.


Infrared Glass Panel Heater » VASNER Citara G

VASNER presents the Citara G glass panel heater – the high-quality, groundbreaking heating solution for cosy warmth in your home. Latest infrared technology is hidden beneath the modern and puristic white surface. Making the glass panel a both highly efficient and discreet heat source. With its Citara G glass heater series, VASNER combines fine-tuned technology, quality workmanship and high thermal efficiency. The result: A decorative glass heating panel with an extremely flat design and an elegant white surface. Enabling the infrared panel heater to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings or serve as a stylish highlight on your wall.


Portable Outdoor Heaters | VASNER HeatTower + HeatTower Mini

VASNER HeatTower and HeatTower Mini portable outdoor heaters exceed all existing standards of flexibility and user convenience. The compact, vertical design of the patio heater with a trapezoidal base plate allows for a space saving positioning in corners. From there, the mobile infrared heaters with 1500 and 2500 watts provide cosy warmth all the way down to the tips of your toes. The temperature can be regulated using the included remote control with 4 heat settings. HeatTower freestanding infrared heaters are IP65 protected, enabling a long-term usage of the devices in open outdoor areas. Furthermore, the stainless steel handle allows you to comfortably carry and reposition the stand-up heater - even immediately after use. The integrated anti-tilt protection and sleep timer with automatic switch-off further contribute to the safety of the portable outdoor heaters. Making the standing electric heater an ideal heating solution for closed spaces aswell – such as campers, winter gardens, bathrooms and basements.


Infrared Mirror Heater » VASNER Zipris S + SR

The new infrared mirror heater for bathrooms, hallways and bedrooms. The heated mirror is so flat that nobody will ever notice it’s actually an infrared heating panel in disguise. With its extra-slim design and 100% "Made in Germany" production, the Zipris S / SR mirror series consists of high-quality panel heaters that stand out due to their exceptionally long service life, efficiency and safety. Thanks to its IPX4 humidity protection, the infrared mirror is also ideal for the use in bathrooms and other moist areas. The Zipris infrared mirror heater series - Premium, high-quality heating panels for your home.


Stand Up Heater » VASNER StandLine Mini 15

The VASNER StandLine Mini 15 stand-up heater. The small power pack with real carbon-infrared heat and a staggering performance of 1500 watts. Thanks to its small size, the free-standing infrared patio heater is versatile and ideally suited for any situation. Pleasant infrared warmth on cold evenings on the patio, the balcony, in the conservatory or when camping. Outstanding stability and reliable tilt-protection, to only name a few of the electric heaters' fantastic features. A small heater that is capable of great feats.


Electric Infrared Heater VASNER SlimLine X20

The VASNER SlimLine X20 electric infrared heater in an extra slim design with 85% less light. Thanks to the brand new, specially developed Ultra Star low glare heating technology, the device produces less brightness when heating. Ideally suited for mounting indoors and outdoors on walls, ceilings or in corners. Electrically powered for safe use in closed rooms. IP65 spray water protection allows for permanent use in open outdoor areas, such as patios, balconies, and the gastronomy industry. Using the included remote control, you can comfortably and flexibly control the device with 6 heating levels.


Radiant Heat Panels Rounded | VASNER Citara M-Plus

The first radiant heat panel with rounded corners made of metal. The new Citara M-Plus designer series is the highlight amongst premium infrared panel heaters. Perfectly designed right to the smallest detail, this premium heater is easily integrated either horizontally or vertically in any modern living environment. Best design combined with tried and tested VASNER infrared heating technology. Introducing the new Citara M-Plus.


Konvi Plus » Hybrid Infrared Panel Heater with Thermostat

The first hybrid infrared panel heater with rounded corners. The Konvi Plus design series embodies pure innovation in the field of infrared heating. The most advanced hybrid technology combined with the latest rounded design. High quality and modern technology that cannot be exceeded. The infrared heater with thermostat for design enthusiasts who appreciate making real statements.


Outdoor Infrared Heater VASNER Teras X20

The VASNER Teras X20 outdoor infrared heater in a new round design with remote control and 2.000 watts heating power. The new round design with fluent, smooth lines works for every modern patio. Equipped with the newest ultra-low glare infrared heating tube and powerful short-wave radiation. Featuring infrared warmth radiation that is resistant to wind. Therefore, the warmth reliably reaches its target – no matter the weather. The safety class IP65 guarantees dust- and jet water resistance which enables the infrared heater to be used outdoors and in moist rooms such as bathrooms. The premium patio heater in black, white or silver-grey for warmth at the press of a button.


VASNER Citara M » Electric Infrared Heating Panel

The Citara M premium infrared heating panel with state of the art technology. Robust, modern and sleek. Thanks to latest infrared heating technology, the panel heaters are extremely efficient. With its new metal series, VASNER creates a symbiosis of perfectly coordinated technology, premium workmanship and outstanding use. With an ultra slim construction and a premium white look, each Citara M is absolutely elegant and chic.


VASNER StandLine 23R » Free-Standing Infrared Patio Heater

The new free-standing infrared heater with the latest carbon-bar technology. We guarantee warmth will be generated quickly and efficiently in one of the four settings. A particularly slim design coupled with a small base allows the heater to be used flexibly in any room. When space, flexibility and warmth are key.


VASNER Appino 20 » The Infrared Patio Heater with Bluetooth App Control

VASNER’s new Appino 20 infrared patio heater. The first infrared patio heater that can either be operated using a conventional remote control or a Bluetooth app for your smartphone. You can now control several infrared heaters at the same time. The quality heater for terraces, conservatories, bathrooms, changing tables, workshops and warehouses.


VASNER Cooly » The Pedestal Fan + Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

The new VASNER Cooly pedestal fan & cool mist humidifier with extreme cooling power. Our fan uses the latest ultrasound technology to create fine water spray. Enjoy this additional cooling feature on especially hot days. Ideal for your terrace, your living room or your bedroom. A variety of extra features showcases the thought out technology of this true all-rounder. Thanks to its low wind noise, Cooly is the quiet pedestal fan you have been searching for. Its extra strong wind power helps you relax, even on the hottest of days.