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Learn more about VASNER’s latest products. High-quality products for your home, living room, kitchen, garden & terrace. Our categories include infrared heating panels, infrared patio heaters, fans and juicers. Learn what true brand quality means. VASNER – a piece of home.


Electric Infrared Heater VASNER SlimLine X20

The VASNER SlimLine X20 electric infrared heater in an extra slim design with 85% less light. Thanks to the brand new, specially developed Ultra Star low glare heating technology, the device produces less brightness when heating. Ideally suited for mounting indoors and outdoors on walls, ceilings or in corners. Electrically powered for safe use in closed rooms. IP65 spray water protection allows for permanent use in open outdoor areas, such as patios, balconies, and the gastronomy industry. Using the included remote control, you can comfortably and flexibly control the device with 5 heating levels.


Stand Up Heater » VASNER StandLine Mini 12

The VASNER StandLine Mini 12 stand-up heater. The small power pack with real carbon-infrared heat and a staggering performance of 1200 watts. Thanks to its small size, the free-standing infrared patio heater is versatile and ideally suited for any situation. Pleasant infrared warmth on cold evenings on the patio, the balcony, in the conservatory or when camping. Outstanding stability, reliable tilt-protection and an integrated thermostat, to only name a few of the electric heaters' fantastic features. A small heater that is capable of great feats.


Radiant Heat Panels | VASNER Citara M-Plus

The first radiant heat panel with rounded corners made of metal. The new Citara M-Plus designer series is the highlight amongst premium infrared panel heaters. Perfectly designed right to the smallest detail, this premium heater is easily integrated either horizontally or vertically in any modern living environment. Best design combined with tried and tested VASNER infrared heating technology. Introducing the new Citara M-Plus.


Konvi Plus » Hybrid Infrared Panel Heater with Thermostat

The first hybrid infrared panel heater with rounded corners. The Konvi Plus design series embodies pure innovation in the field of infrared heating. The most advanced hybrid technology combined with the latest rounded design. High quality and modern technology that cannot be exceeded. The infrared heater with thermostat for design enthusiasts who appreciate making real statements.


Outdoor Infrared Heater VASNER Teras X20

The VASNER Teras X20 outdoor infrared heater in a new round design with remote control and 2.000 watts heating power. The new round design with fluent, smooth lines works for every modern patio. Equipped with the newest ultra-low glare infrared heating tube and powerful short-wave radiation. Featuring infrared warmth radiation that is resistant to wind. Therefore, the warmth reliably reaches its target – no matter the weather. The safety class IP65 guarantees dust- and jet water resistance which enables the infrared heater to be used outdoors and in moist rooms such as bathrooms. The premium patio heater in black, white or silver-grey for warmth at the press of a button.


VASNER Teras » Carbon Infrared Heater

VASNER Teras – redefining expectations for your terrace. The latest carbon-bar technology and a maximum output of 2,500 watt ensure you will always be at the right temperature, both inside and out. With many new functions for maximum comfort and safety. Infrared heater in a striking black colour.


VASNER Citara M » Electric Infrared Heating Panel

The Citara M premium infrared heating panel with state of the art technology. Robust, modern and sleek. Thanks to latest infrared heating technology, the panel heaters are extremely efficient. With its new metal series, VASNER creates a symbiosis of perfectly coordinated technology, premium workmanship and outstanding use. With an ultra slim construction and a premium white look, each Citara M is absolutely elegant and chic.


VASNER Konvi » Hybrid Infrared Heating Panels

The new VASNER hybrid infrared heating panels. The Konvi series combines the best technology from two heating sectors in a small feat of engineering. The perfect combination of true infrared heating panels and proven convection heating. Available in classy white and manufactured entirely of metal. Setting the standard for heating output and innovation.


VASNER StandLine 25R » Free-Standing Infrared Patio Heater

The new free-standing infrared heater with the latest carbon-bar technology. We guarantee warmth will be generated quickly and efficiently in one of the four settings. A particularly slim design coupled with a small base allows the heater to be used flexibly in any room. When space, flexibility and warmth are key.


VASNER Appino 20 » The Infrared Patio Heater with Bluetooth App Control

VASNER’s new Appino 20 infrared patio heater. The first infrared patio heater that can either be operated using a conventional remote control or a Bluetooth app for your smartphone. You can now control several infrared heaters at the same time. The quality heater for terraces, conservatories, bathrooms, changing tables, workshops and warehouses.


VASNER Cooly » The Pedestal Fan + Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

The new VASNER Cooly pedestal fan & cool mist humidifier with extreme cooling power. Our fan uses the latest ultrasound technology to create fine water spray. Enjoy this additional cooling feature on especially hot days. Ideal for your terrace, your living room or your bedroom. A variety of extra features showcases the thought out technology of this true all-rounder. Thanks to its low wind noise, Cooly is the quiet pedestal fan you have been searching for. Its extra strong wind power helps you relax, even on the hottest of days.