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Project Description

The Infrared Mirror Heater in an Extra Slim Design » VASNER Zipris S / SR

Premium Infrared Mirror Heater for Bathroom, Office, Living Space

The Zipris infrared mirror heater is a high-grade, universal heating panel for bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms, and dressing rooms. Thanks to its especially flat slim-design, the panel heater is nearly indistinguishable from a regular mirror. Fulfilling the wish of many customers for a puristic, sleek heating element that can be integrated seamlessly and invisibly into any room. Zipris is the high-quality and effective panel heater for cosy, additional infrared warmth in all living spaces.

With the help of the included mount, the infrared mirror heater can be installed quickly and effortlessly – flush against the wall. This makes the Zipris S/SR heated mirror a true jewel compared to generic wall heaters, which often protrude into the room due to wide casings. Combined with the right accessories, the mirror heater can also help facilitate efficient heat regulation in your home. An additionally purchased, programmable thermostat with automatic temperature control is especially well-suited for this purpose.

Control the Mirror Heater with a Thermostat (EU) 2015/1188

Within the scope of Regulation (EU) 2015/1188, electric room heaters must be controlled and operated via electronic room temperature controllers (thermostats) with a “weekday control” and “window-open-detection” function or “adaptive control of the start of heating”. For example, with the matching thermostat set VASNER VFTB you can optimally control infrared heating panels. You can find the VFTB thermostat set here. >>

New Product Features

  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Ultra-flat slim design
  • High carbon heating efficiency
  • Special ESG safety glass
  • New extremely simple mount
  • Optionally with / without a frame
  • IPX4 safety for bathrooms (moisture protection)
  • 5-year warranty
Infrarotheizung Spiegel Made in Germany, 5 Jahre Garantie, TÜV zertifiziert

Price: 399 – 899,-€

Shop: SR frameless
Shop: S with frame

The Infrared Mirror Heater with 100 % “Made in Germany” Quality

The Zipris infrared mirror heater is a quality product that is 100% manufactured in Germany. Not only is the assembly of the heated bathroom mirror completed here, but all individual components are manufactured in Germany as well. This way, it is guaranteed that you will receive a durable infrared product with high energy efficiency.

What’s more, the high-grade carbon technology is installed behind the glass surface of the mirror – right up to the edges of the panel – to allow for an even heat distribution in every room. This results in an even higher heating efficiency.

Mirror heater with energy efficient infrared warmth

Infrared image: Mirror heater with even warmth distribution

The Infrared Mirror Heater » Optionally with or without a Metal Frame

The Zipris infrared mirror heater is available with an elegant metal frame or in a sleek, frameless design. Therefore, you can freely choose which option best suits your personal taste and furnishing. Either puristic, slim and frameless or elegantly rimmed with one of the three available metal frames.

Zipris SR

Frameless Mirror Heater

Extra slim with a floating look.

Frameless mirror heating panel

Zipris S

Framed Mirror Heater

Truly elegant with a high-quality metal frame.

heated bathroom mirror infrared panel

The Seemingly Weightless Infrared Mirror Heater without a Frame: Zipris SR

The frameless mirror heater Zipris SR with an extremely flat depth of only 2 cm and high-grade smoothed edges appears to float in front of the wall. The infrared technology hidden beneath the surface of the heating panel is situated on the inside of the device, resulting in only the mirror-glass being visible. Therefore, to the average observer, the Zipris is absolutely indistinguishable from a regular mirror. When in reality, it is a technological miracle and a full-featured and especially efficient infrared mirror heater. The heating panel is essentially invisible. Due to its floating design, the Zipris SR infrared mirror heater integrates itself perfectly into any room design and can even be incorporated into walls during dry construction.

The Infrared Mirror Heater with Three Available Frames:
Zipris S

For the infrared mirror heater “Zipris S”, VASNER offers three high-grade metal frames to choose from. Similar to a picture frame, the circumferential metal frame adorns the elegant heating panel. The VASNER Zipris S is fully manufactured in Germany, using only German materials. No other brand can compete with this product in terms of quality and durability. There are three exquisite frames to choose from:

Aluminium (rounded edge)
Light silver-grey with a slight satin-brushed finish. A simply amazing feel.

Chrome (angular)
Silver-gloss front + brushed edges. Very luxurious.

Titanium (angular)
Medium-grey, silky-matte front + brushed edges. Very elegant and stylish.

frameless infrared mirror heater with smoothed edges
infrared mirror heater with the metal frame of your choice: aluminium, titanium, chrome
panel heater disguised as a normal bathroom mirror with aluminium frame


glass mirror radiant heat panel with stylish chrome frame


Framed IR Mirror with elegant titanium frame


Mounting the Infrared Mirror Heater
Install Horizontally or use Vertically as a full Body Mirror

With the help of VASNER’s mounting bracket, the mirror heating panel can be hung on the wall vertically or horizontally. Mount the panel heater horizontally over your sink or vertically as a full body mirror on narrow sections of wall. For an easy, discreet integration into any room layout.

Mirror heater with special bracket for vertical horizontal installation

Flexible mounting

mirror heater with hidden carbon technology

Close to the wall

Maximum Safety for Infrared Mirror Heaters in Bathrooms

Thanks to their IPX4 spray water protection, the infrared mirror heaters by VASNER are suited ideally as multifunctional heating elements for moist rooms like bathrooms and wellness areas. The heat emitted by the carbon technology behind the mirror glass prevents the surface from fogging up, so that your reflection is clearly visible in the mirror even after taking a shower. Despite high humidity and steam, the mirror remains free of mist, which is why the Zipris infrared panel heater is often used in bathrooms, spas, and saunas.

The pleasant warmth of the TÜV-certified mirror heater is inspired by natural sunrays. Similar to the sun, the bathroom mirror emits direct heat through safe infrared radiation, thereby gently warming up the individuals in close proximity. This way, no energy is lost through the heating of room air and the desired temperature change can be felt nearly immediately.

Additionally, the familiar and relaxing warmth helps create a comfortable atmosphere in your wellness space. Enjoy the calming infrared warmth in your own bathroom as the heat spreads around the room and soothes your body and mind. Especially your back and neck area can hugely benefit from the pleasant thermal waves.

In moist rooms, the infrared mirror heater’s sun-like radiation additionally serves another purpose. The direct radiant warmth keeps the walls dry and therefore prevents unwelcome mould from building up. This is important, as areas with high humidity and a lack of ventilation are especially prone to this pesky and recurring problem.

The Zipris infrared mirror heater-series was specifically designed to be safe for the use in bathrooms. With their IPX4 safety class, the products are protected against spray water and moisture in order for safe infrared heating in bathrooms.

Additionally, the heating panels feature high-grade ESG safety glass that splinters into small, safe pieces in the unlikely case of glass damage occurring, rather than breaking into big, dangerous glass shards. Another property of the high-quality mirror panel is its unique, slightly tinted surface. Moreover, there are safety switches that will automatically shut off the mirror heaters in the case of them overheating. Safety is VASNER’s number one priority.

Mirror Heater with German Carbon Fibre Technology

In the field of infrared panels, there are striking differences in the efficiency of the heating technology used. These differences in quality are not visible to the eye. We guarantee that only German infrared carbon technology is used in the Zipris series, which is designed for longevity, performance and efficiency. This ensures that you get to enjoy your mirror heater for a long time.

Available Models

Zipris S Infrared Mirror Heater (with Frame)

(H x W x D)
400 watts 60 x 70 x 2,5 cm 8 kg Aluminium: 399 €
Chrome / Titanium
Frame: 469 €
500 watts 60 x 90 x 2,5 cm 10 kg Aluminium: 459 €
Chrome / Titanium
Frame: 499 €
600 watts 60 x 110 x 2,5 cm 12 kg Aluminium: 519 €
Chrome / Titanium
Frame: 569 €
700 watts 60 x 120 x 2,5 cm 13 kg Aluminium: 569 €
Chrome / Titanium
Frame: 649 €
900 watts 60 x 140 x 2,5 cm 14 kg Aluminium: 669 €
Chrome / Titanium
Frame: 749 €

Zipris SR Infrared Mirror Heater (Frameless)

(H x W x D)
400 watts 60 x 70 x 2 cm 8 kg 499 €
500 watts 60 x 90 x 2 cm 10 kg 559 €
600 watts 60 x 110 x 2 cm 12 kg 599 €
700 watts 60 x 120 x 2 cm 13 kg 669 €
900 watts 60 x 140 x 2 cm 14 kg 899 €

Infrared Mirror Heater Costs
Calculate Power Consumption and Heating Costs

With an average electricity price of approx. 29 cent / kWh a 600 watt mirror heater produces the following costs:

0,6 kW / h * 0,29 € / kW ≈ 0,17 € / h

The heating costs of a 600 watt infrared heating panel amount to about 17 cents per hour.

Infrared Mirror Heater Test

The VASNER mirror heater series has been tested and certified by TÜV Süd. Furthermore, the infrared heating panels have a 5-year warranty. Reliable quality and certified safety, for your peace of mind.

VASNER Zipris S+SR infrared mirror – The sleek and subtle mirror heater.

VASNER – A piece of home.

Maximum efficiency: approx. 98% of the electrical energy used is converted into thermal output.

To estimate the wattage required to heat each m², please use our online calculator >>

The ErP table for this electric heating panel can be found in the section: PDF Download.