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Project Description

Infrared Heating Mirror VASNER Zipris S LED with Latest Lighting Technology

The Full-Fledged Heating Panel for Your Bathroom

Imagine stepping into the bathroom in the morning and instantly feeling the intense radiant warmth of a VASNER Zipris heating mirror. The gentle heat envelops your body while the circumferential LED light emits a soft glow. With a maximum width of up to 1,40 meters, the infrared heating panel with LED lighting can be mounted in different sizes in the bathroom, bedroom or hallway. The warm white glow of the ambient light creates a cosy atmosphere. VASNER Zipris S LED – The luxury heated mirror that cannot be surpassed in quality or performance.

Heating Mirror 100% Made in Germany
When Quality, Efficiency and Durability are Crucial

When we say “Made in Germany”, we are not only referring to the final assembly of our infrared heating mirrors. All components of VASNER mirror heaters are manufactured in Germany. From the ESG safety glass, the metal body and the electronics up to the carbon technology. Because when it comes to radiant heating panels, the high-quality inner workings are of particular importance. This is why, as a fully-fledged infrared heating system, each mirror panel is equipped with the latest heating technology. For maximum efficiency and longevity. Allowing you to enjoy the advantages of your heating mirror every day for many years to come.

New Product Features

  • Full-fledged panel heater disguised as a mirror
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Integrated, circumferential LED light
  • Slim design with chrome / titanium frame
  • High carbon heat efficiency
  • Special ESG safety glass
  • Up to 140 cm in size
  • IPX4 against humidity (suitable for bathrooms)
Heating mirror high quality, Made in Germany, 5 year warranty

Price: 899 – 1.149,-€


Infrared Heating Mirror with an Integrated 360° LED Backlight

The glass of the heating mirror is partially sandblasted, which precisely removes the silver layer in certain areas and simultaneously satinizes the pane. This is a very complex process, which however, results in the mirror heater being evenly illuminated from behind its edges. So no matter the size of the heating panel, an impressive lighting effect is achieved. The LED technology has its own power connection for separate control. Therefore you can decide whether the gentle light should be on or off, regardless of the heating situation of your infrared panel.

Elegant Heating Mirror with a Frame
Choose Between Chrome and Titanium

The Zipris S LED heating mirror is equipped with a high quality metal frame. While the front of the border is polished to a shiny finish, the sides are finely brushed. The refined lateral texture lends the panel heater a very exclusive character. You can decide whether you would like to order your infrared heating mirror with a chrome or titanium frame. With a front edge of only 10 mm, the border of every glass heater is kept particularly slim in order to avoid excessive weight. For an optical lightness and to leave space for the mirror and its surrounding light.

Special Bracket for Easy Mounting
Install Your Heating Mirror Vertically or Horizontally

No matter whether mounted horizontally above the washbasin or vertically as a full-body mirror, the VASNER infrared heating panel with circumferential light is always securely hung on the wall thanks to its special mounting bracket. For more flexibility when choosing the mounting position and for a discreet integration of the heating mirror into the existing interior decor.

Protection Class IP-X4 against Splash Water
The Ideal Infrared Heating Mirror for Your Bathroom

IP-X4 Spray Water Protection

The VASNER infrared heating mirror meets the IPX4 standard (splash-protected, humidity-proof) to ensure maximum safety in bathrooms. Therefore, the mirror heater can be installed on the wall above the sink, where water drops, steam and moisture often occur. A further advantage: If the radiant panel is in operation while you shower, the surface of its heated mirror glass will not fog up. Because the infrared rays from the inside of the device prevent moisture from settling on the glass, resulting in an anti-fogging effect.

ESG Safety Glass

Especially in the bathroom it is important to meet high safety standards concerning glass. For example, all Zipris heating mirrors feature high-quality tempered safety glass. Even in the event of damage to the pane, no large, dangerous shards are created. The high-grade mirror glass is characterised by a very slight tint, which is only visible in direct comparison with conventional, non-heated mirrors.

Overheating Protection

Three thermal safety switches round off the aspect of security. These ensure that no overheating can occur, as the mirror heater is automatically switched off if excessive temperatures are reached. In every respect, the Zipris series has been designed with safety in mind. So that you can enjoy an all-around feeling of well-being.

German Carbon Technology for Maximum Efficiency

As a manufacturer, VASNER focuses on the durability and efficiency of all products. Only in doing so can we consistently achieve satisfied customers. This is why Zipris heating mirrors are exclusively equipped with German infrared carbon technology. Right from the very first use, you will notice how intense the created warmth is. Thanks to the high-quality heating technology installed behind the entire front plate of the panel, the emitted infrared radiation is distributed evenly throughout the room. For even more heating efficiency. The quality of VASNER mirror heaters lies in the hidden detail. Keep this in mind. Because with you we would like to create our next satisfied customer.

Infrared heating mirror with isolated backing plate for even, efficient radiant warmth

Control Your Infrared Heating Mirror with a Thermostat
For even Greater Cost Savings

Within the scope of Regulation (EU) 2015/1188, electric room heaters must be controlled and operated via electronic room temperature controllers (thermostats) with a “weekday control” and “window-open-detection” function or “adaptive control of the start of heating”. For example, with the matching thermostat set VASNER VFTB you can optimally control your infrared heating mirror. You can find the VFTB room thermostat system here. >>

Separate thermostat for electric mirror heater

Available Models of the Zipris S LED Heating Mirror Series:

Model / Output Dimensions
(H x W x D)
Weight Heating Area Frame Price
400 watts 60 x 70 x 2,5 cm 8 kg max. 8 m² Chrome / Titanium 899,- €
500 watts 60 x 90 x 2,5 cm 10 kg max. 12 m² Chrome / Titanium 949,- €
600 watts 60 x 110 x 2,5 cm 11,5 kg max. 15 m² Chrome / Titanium 999,- €
700 watts 60 x 120 x 2,5 cm 13 kg max. 18 m² Chrome / Titanium 1.049,- €
900 watts 60 x 140 x 2,5 cm 14 kg max. 22 m² Chrome / Titanium 1.149,- €

Heating Costs of an Infrared Electric Heater

The power consumption and running costs generated by infrared panel heaters depend on the chosen model and your electricity price. Assuming an average energy price of 29 cents / kWh, a radiant heating mirror with 600 watts of output causes the following power or heating costs:

0,6 kW * 0,29 Euro / kWh ≈ 0,17 € per hour

A mirror heater with 600 watts generates around 17 cents of electricity costs every hour.

Infrared Heating Mirror Consumption & Costs

Would you like an initial estimate of the heating power required to achieve a pleasant temperature in your rooms? VASNER offers a free online calculator to determine heating requirements and resulting costs:

» Calculator
Infrared heating mirror with TÜV + high quality and safety standards

Certification According to TÜV GS Standards

The VASNER heating mirror series has been tested and certified by TÜV Süd. Proven quality and safety you can always rely on.

Connection and Control of the VASNER Zipris Heating Mirror with Light

The infrared heating mirror and the integrated LED lighting each have separate power connections and can therefore be operated individually. The power cord of the panel heater is fitted with a shock-proof plug. For a fixed connection of the heating element to the mains, the safety plug can be cut off. This will not affect the VASNER warranty (5 years). A separate flat transformer (included in delivery) provides the power supply for the lighting of the heated mirrors. This allows the LED light to be flexibly connected to the power supply in order to control it separately from the heater (electrical knowledge required!). An extra light switch (on/off) is not included in the scope of delivery.

Heating mirror backing plate with separate connection for heat & light

Buy Zipris Switch for LED Light

A suitable switch for independent operation of the circumferential LED light is available in the VASNER SHOP. It can be installed on the transformer at the rear of the heating mirror as follows :

  1. First loosen the two screws of the luster connection.
  2. Insert both wires in the appropriate place.
  3. Then retighten the screws.

Now the LED light of the elegant panel heater can be switched on and off separately!

» Zipris light switch

VASNER Zipris S LED – The premium mirror heater with light.

VASNER – A piece of home.

Light switch for LED heating mirror with light
Please note:

Maximum efficiency: approx. 98% of the electrical energy used is converted into thermal output.

You can view the ErP table for this electric heating panel in the section: PDF Download.

To estimate the wattage required to heat each m², please use our online calculator >>