VASNER Patio Heater Accessories for Wall Heaters and Free Standing Heaters

Useful patio heater accessories by VASNER. For all VASNER infrared heaters and also those by other brands. The innovative and well thought-out solutions for controlling and mounting your patio heater help you make the most of your heating device. With these products you can perfectly integrate any free standing heaters and infrared wall heaters into your terrace, conservatory or bathroom.

Useful patio heater accessories by VASNER. For all VASNER infrared heaters and also those by other brands. The innovative and well thought-out solutions for controlling and mounting your patio... read more »
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VASNER Patio Heater Accessories for Wall Heaters and Free Standing Heaters

Useful patio heater accessories by VASNER. For all VASNER infrared heaters and also those by other brands. The innovative and well thought-out solutions for controlling and mounting your patio heater help you make the most of your heating device. With these products you can perfectly integrate any free standing heaters and infrared wall heaters into your terrace, conservatory or bathroom.

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Application example | Patio heater stand MFS3 with VASNER infrared wall heaters
VASNER MFS3 Heater Stand for Infrared Wall Heaters
  • Makes ceiling heaters portable
  • For Appino 20, BEATZZ, Teras X20
  • Height adjustable in 3 steps (1.89 m)
  • 360° horizontal swivel function
VASNER parasol mount for Appino 20 patio heater
VASNER Appino Parasol Mount
  • For mounting Appino 20 on umbrellas
  • Set with three bracket sizes
  • Quick and easy installation
  • For parasols + other rods
VASNER Chain Mount for Appino 20 Patio Heater
VASNER Chain Mount for Appino 20 Patio Heater
  • For mounting Appino 20 heaters
  • Flexible & mobile use of heaters
  • Chain length: Max. 80 cm
  • For marquees, awnings, pergolas
VASNER Bluetooth Dimmer for Outdoor Infrared Heaters
VASNER Bluetooth Dimmer for Indoor and Outdoor...
  • For controlling infrared heaters
  • Remote control + bluetooth app
  • Stepless heat regulation
  • IP65 rain protection | sleep timer

A Comprehensive VASNER Guide to Patio Heater Accessories

Infrared patio heaters are becoming more and more popular thanks to their modern design, their significantly lower environmental impact in comparison to gas heaters, and their practical operation. Thus, the selection of patio heater accessories is constantly growing as well. In this article, you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about infrared patio heater accessories.

Table of Contents

Which patio heater accessories can I buy?
Which infrared heater accessories are recommended?
Does VASNER offer spare parts for their patio heaters?
Where can I buy infrared heater accessories?

Which Infrared Patio Heater Accessories are Available?

VASNER Bluetooth Infrared Heater Dimmer


This bluetooth dimmer is a patio heater accessory, that allows you to conveniently remote control any standard infrared heater model by various brands. *Provided the device is not equipped with heat levels of its own.* The classic remote control, which is also included in delivery, enables a temperature control in 6 heating levels. Furthermore, the device can be operated using its own smartphone app. The VASNER Heating App offers several advantages: A stepless dimming of the infrared heat output, so that you can set your desired temperature precisely, a practical timer function with automatic switch-off, and in addition, multiple heaters can be saved in the app and controlled simultaneously. To link the dimmer box to your patio heater, simply insert it between the electric heater and the power source. Thanks to its high IP protection rating of IP65, which ensures protection against water jets and rain, the patio heater dimmer box can also be used outdoors. Infrared heaters shouldn't run at their highest wattage at all times. Instead, it is important that the heat output can be dimmed to ensure a satisfactory heating experience and to keep heating costs low. These great patio heater accessories by VASNER maximise the efficiency of any outdoor heater.

VASNER Chain Mount for Appino 20 Patio Heaters

This chain mount by VASNER is a special patio heater accessory that allows you to hang your Appino 20 device (2000 watts) quickly in various places without drilling. Each chain is equipped with a practical snap hook so that you can change the length of the suspension between 8 and 80 cm as you wish. Whether on a beam in your conservatory, on the struts of a sunshade, under the awning of a motorhome or the canopy of your patio - these infrared heater accessories allow for flexible use of your radiant heater. Simply hook the carabiners on the back of the Appino 20 and attach the unit to a suitable fixture. With sensitive materials, such as awning fabric, you should always make sure that there is sufficient space between the infrared heater and the material.

VASNER Umbrella Mount for Appino 20 Infrared Heaters

This umbrella mount is a patio heater accessory that allows you to attach your VASNER Appino 20 device (2000 watts) to the profile rod of an umbrella or to a similar pole in just a few simple steps. The practical brackets are delivered as a set consisting of three pieces in three sizes, so that there is a suitable attachment for every rod. Using the two enclosed wing screws, which can be screwed into the bracket very quickly and easily, the Appino 20 patio heater can be attached to the pole of your choice in just a few seconds without drilling. Suitable for all common parasols and catering umbrellas.

VASNER MFS3 Infrared Heater Stand


This practical patio heater accessory helps you transform your previously fixed wall or ceiling-mounted heater into a mobile, free-standing device. Whether Appino 20, BEATZZ or Teras X20 - the infrared heater stand allows for a quick heater installation without drilling. You can choose freely between a mounting height of 0,78 m, 1,34 m and 1,89 m, depending on the height at which you need warmth. A horizontal 360° swivel of the infrared radiator is also possible with this convenient accessory. The large base ensures a stable stand as well, so you can be completely at ease and simply enjoy the infrared warmth of your heating device. If you are seated in a lounge area, you can enjoy a wide-area, sun-like warmth from above with your patio heater mounted at maximum height. If, on the other hand, you are sitting at a table and do not want the heat to be blocked by the tabletop, select the lowest height of the heater stand. This way, heat is emitted under the table directly from the side and targets both your feet and legs. Therefore, this patio heater accessory provides even more application possibilities and maximum flexibility in the use of your infrared heater. With the useful heater stand, you can change the position and orientation of your heater at all times and heat exactly where you like. In combination with the VASNER remote control, which is supplied with every VASNER wall / ceiling heater, this guarantees particularly convenient control and ultimate heating comfort.

Patio Heater Covers


The VASNER AirCape protective cover is a practical patio heater accessory for anyone who values a long service life for their heater and who attaches importance to the well-kept appearance of their device. As they keep your outdoor electric heater safe from rain and dust during storage. Whether free-standing heaters, wall-mounted heaters or heaters suitable for ceiling mounting - VASNER offers protective covers for all common types of patio heaters. VASNER AirCape protective heater covers are made of technical PES fabric (100% 167 polyester) in black and are waterproof, breathable and also tear-resistant. Breathability is important to prevent mould from forming under the patio heater cover. The protective covers for radiant heaters can be cleaned easily at 40° C in the washing machine. Another particularly practical feature of these infrared heater accessories is that they are adjustable in size to fit the devices of different brands. Safety note: It is essential that the protective cover is only placed on infrared radiators that have been switched off and have already cooled down completely.

Which Infrared Heater Accessories are Recommended?

Generally, the choice of patio heater accessories depends on the type of heater you have and which functions are particularly important to you. Therefore, the question of which infrared heater accessories are ideal cannot be answered universally. However, you are welcome to contact the VASNER customer service team for a free consultation. Our competent and helpful employees will work with you to find the best solution for your needs. You can reach the VASNER support team at +49 (0)5246 - 9355625.

Does VASNER Offer Spare Parts for Patio Heaters?

Not only patio heater accessories, but also spare parts are sometimes requested by customers. The brand VASNER offers to exchange broken infrared tubes as a service to its customers. You can find out how much the replacement of a tube costs, or whether it may even be a free warranty case, by contacting the VASNER customer service team by phone or email. It is also possible to have damaged heaters repaired by VASNER - we will be happy to provide an estimate of the price upon request, as the costs depend on the amount of work involved in the repair. Nowadays, you can even get spare parts for infrared heaters from hardware stores or on the Internet - new infrared tubes, remote controls, thermostats and other spare parts. However, you should always make sure that the spare parts and the patio heater accessories are really suitable for your specific model. The difference between infrared heaters by different manufacturers can be substantial and replacement parts are usually very product-specific. For example, in order for the infrared heater to function smoothly, it is crucial that not only the dimensions of the replacement tube fit, but also that the replacement tube of the infrared heater is compatible with the output of your device. Therefore, it is always safer and far more advisable to ask the patio heater manufacturer directly for spare parts or repair options, as they will know exactly what you need.

Where Can I Buy Infrared Heater Accessories?

You can buy patio heater accessories both in VASNER's online shop and in the company's showroom in Verl. When visiting the store, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance to ensure that the team has enough time for a personal consultation. In the VASNER online shop, you receive free shipping in Germany from €49. In Austria, NL, LU and BE free shipping is guaranteed starting at a €99 purchase value. Replacement tubes for infrared heaters are only available on request by e-mail or telephone, as the specialist staff must check which type of heating element is suitable for the respective infrared device. In addition to quality patio heaters and their corresponding accessories, you can also obtain high-grade infrared heating panels with thermostats for indoors, desk lamps, fans and more from the manufacturer VASNER. So if you would like to equip your rooms for maximum comfort, a visit to VASNER's shop is definitely worthwhile!