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Project Description

Infrared Blackboard Heater | VASNER Citara T

Infrared Heating Panel for Kitchens, Restaurants and Offices

VASNER presents the Citara T infrared blackboard heater, a camouflaged wall heater that provides the perfect surface for spontaneous notes, funny proverbs and cute messages to your family, guests or colleagues. Thanks to a special robust coating in black, the front of the decorative infrared heating panel is inscribable. Like a conventional chalkboard, the VASNER blackboard panel heater can be drawn on and written on with chalk and can thus be turned into an original work of art over and over. From sketches to shopping lists to dinner menus: Your message never fails to catch the eye. But the Citara T blackboard heater doesn’t just look good. As an efficient heat source with latest infrared technology, it spreads additional radiation warmth. The elegant heating panels have an output of up to 1100 watts and thus distribute direct radiant heat throughout your office, dining room or kitchen.

VASNER Citara T » The multifunctional radiator disguised as a message board.

New Product Features

  • Infrared blackboard heater
  • For kitchens, offices, restaurants, apartments
  • Camouflaged as a chalkboard
  • Can be written on with chalk
  • Available with 300 – 1100 watts
  • Very compact: Only 2,5 cm in depth
  • With high quality coating
  • Patented wall & ceiling mount
  • With drill holes for VASNER towel rails
  • TÜV Süd tested
  • IP44 splash water protection
  • 5 year warranty
  • Ready to plug in

Price: 199 – 499,-€


With regular chalk

Ideal for kitchens
Private dining rooms / restaurants

Easy mounting
Thanks to the VASNER wall bracket

Efficient heating
Direct, cosy radiant warmth

blackboard heater with chalk
Blackboard heater for heating and writing with chalk

Highest Standards of Quality and Safety: TÜV Certificate + Quality Workmanship

Infrared Blackboard Heater Dimensions and Weight
Citara T Models

Blackboard Heater Model

(H x W x D)
300 watts 60 x 40 x 2,5 cm 3,5 kg 199,- €
450 watts 60 x 60 x 2,5 cm 6,2 kg 249,- €
700 watts 60 x 90 x 2,5 cm 8,6 kg 299,- €
900 watts 60 x 120 x 2,5 cm 10,9 kg 399,- €
1100 watts 60 x 140 x 2,5 cm 11,8 kg 499,- €

Choosing the Right Blackboard Heater
Which Wattage is Ideal?

The question which infrared blackboard heater you need to create a comfortable temperature in your room cannot be answered without further information. The required output depends on various factors such as room insulation, room size and number of external walls. VASNER offers an online calculator for heating requirements so that you can get a first idea of the necessary power and the resulting heating costs. Simply enter the data on your rooms and receive a first estimate.

Call us for a free consultation!

Depending on certain factors such as building material, there may be variation in your calculation. It should always be noted that a more powerful blackboard heater is better than one with too little power. Because if the output is too low, the wall mounted electric heater will continue to heat at full capacity without ever reaching the desired target temperature.

For an individual consultation, please contact the VASNER service team:
+49 (0)5246 – 93 55 625

On the basis of all background information we will carry out a well-founded calculation for your project. So you receive the best infrared heating panel for a highly efficient heating process.

Mounting Your Infrared Blackboard Heater
In Just a Few Minutes Thanks to VASNER’s Wall Bracket

The Citara T infrared blackboard heater by the brand VASNER is supplied together with a sophisticated mounting system. Once you have installed the bracket on the wall using the screws and dowels provided, all you need to do is lock the panel heater in place. The included mount is theoretically also suitable for a safe installation of the blackboard heating panel on the ceiling. Although it is usually not possible to draw and write on the chalkboard in this case, if you are looking for a sleek, black ceiling heater, you can use the camouflaged radiant panel for this purpose.

To operate the VASNER blackboard electric heater, it must simply be plugged into a standard household socket. In no time at all, it provides gentle, warmth similar to that of a fireplace! Thanks to a cable length of 1,95 m, you enjoy maximum flexibility when installing the radiator. If you prefer a fixed connection to the mains supply without visible cables, the power plug can be severed by a specialist for this purpose. As long as this is done by a trained professional, the 5-year warranty of the blackboard infrared heating panel remains valid.

Blackboard panel heater mounting instructions
Electric blackboard heater with power cord + wall mount

Practical mount + long power cord

Infrared blackboard heater backside with safety fixture for ceiling mounting

Special safety fixture for ceiling mounting

Drill holes to mount Citara towel rails

Infrared Image of the Even Heat Radiation

Thanks to the high quality infrared technology installed behind the entire surface of the blackboard heater, the created radiant warmth is emitted into the room absolutely evenly. The infrared cables, which run in opposite directions in a serpentine pattern, neutralise potential magnetic fields that can be found in cheap models on the market. The high quality of the technology and installation method avoids so-called hot spots that often occur in cheap heating systems with foil technology. As can be seen in the infrared picture, there is an absolutely even and ideal distribution of heat over the entire surface of the infrared panel heater – right up to its edges. An important factor for an efficient heating process and a sign of excellent quality.

Blackboard heater with even heat radiation

The Blackboard Heater for Vertical & Horizontal Mounting

With the help of the special VASNER wall bracket, the infrared blackboard heater can be hung on the wall vertically as well as horizontally.

Infrared blackboard heater mounted vertically or horizontally

Areas of Application for VASNER Infrared Blackboard Heaters
The Ideal Heater for Additional Radiant Warmth

Kitchen / Dining Room

When mounted in the kitchen, an infrared blackboard heater can be conveniently used to jot down a shopping list. This is ideal because you often notice which food or other household items are missing when you are in the kitchen. Alternatively, inspiring quotes and mantras can be written on the modern heating panel. Then you can read them with your morning coffee and start the day off feeling warm and motivated. Even if you already have a heater in your kitchen or dining room, a panel heater is often necessary for additional, cosy radiant warmth. This is especially beneficial during the transition period in spring or fall, when the central heating system does not yet provide the necessary heat. Or if you would like to supplement your sluggish underfloor heating system.

Restaurant / Dining Hall

VASNER Citara T infrared blackboard heaters are equally suitable as a professional heating solution in the catering industry. Thanks to the quality workmanship and the high grade, durable materials used, the IR panel heater by the experienced manufacturer is scratch and impact resistant. The wipeable surface is perfect for displaying the menu of the day in restaurants with regularly changing offers. In addition, guests always feel at home in the radiation zone of the natural, sun-like infrared warmth. The infrared heating panel, however, is designed for indoor use only. For outdoor areas like the terrace of your restaurant or hotel please take a look at our infrared gastronomy heaters.

A Blackboard Heater in the Office

Many employers like to use the gentle, direct radiant warmth of infrared heating panels to heat office buildings and other work spaces. This is because radiant heaters skilfully avoid convection, dust turbulence and dry, stuffy air. Infrared blackboard heaters also offer the advantage that they can be used actively in everyday working life. Whether for writing down a to-do list or for brainstorming during various projects – the infrared heating panel in disguise is a true all-rounder.

Bathroom / Spa Area

With its comprehensive protection rating of IP X4 (when plugged in or permanently connected to the mains), the Citara T infrared blackboard heater is resistant to moisture and spray water. The new products can therefore be used in bathrooms or other damp areas without a problem. In addition, you can advertise the price of wellness treatments such as massages or other services on the chalkboard, so that the visitors of your spa are completely informed at just one glance. At the same time, the summery heat waves enhance the wellness feeling in your little oasis. Thanks to special drill holes on the back of each panel, the 700 – 1100 watt blackboard heaters are compatible with VASNER Citara towel rails – for dry, prewarmed towels. An all-round suitable product for every home or professional spa.

Blackboard Infrared Heaters in Children’s Rooms

VASNER blackboard heating panels should only be used in children’s rooms after a certain age. Because the surface of the thin, camouflaged infrared heater can develop temperatures of up to 105°C. As soon as children are old enough to understand that the board should not be touched with their bare hands and that it is only made for writing and drawing, it is a great heat source for the little ones’ play and sleeping areas. Together with coloured chalk, there are no limits to the imagination and the blackboard heaters inspire kids to create the craziest pictures every day.

Do NOT Use the Infrared Blackboard Heater as a Magnetic Board!

Since the surface of the Citara T infrared blackboard heater develops high temperatures of up to 105° Celsius during heating, it must never be used to hang objects of any kind. Even if its visual design makes the heating unit look like a magnet board, it is not suitable as such. You must not attach any notes or other papers to the concealed electric heater. This would block the infrared radiation and could lead to excessive heat accumulation.

Controlling the Citara T Infrared Blackboard Heater
Programmable Thermostats for More Efficient Heating

As an electric heater with an integrated mains plug, the infrared blackboard heater is very flexible when it comes to the combination with different control systems. It is compatible with all socket thermostats and wireless radio thermostat systems. These programmable thermostats help you configure an even more efficient, time-controlled heating process. With the right settings, the temperature of the blackboard heating panel is automatically lowered at night and during the day when the house is empty to save heating costs. At times when you are at home, however, you will always enjoy a perfect room temperature. A digital thermostat that controls your Citara T can easily be ordered when purchasing your radiant chalkboard heater in our VASNER SHOP.

Within the scope of Regulation (EU) 2015/1188, electric room heaters must be controlled and operated via electronic room temperature controllers (thermostats) with a “weekday control” and “window-open-detection” function or “adaptive control of the start of heating”. For example, with the matching thermostat set VASNER VFTB you can optimally control infrared heating panels. You can find the VFTB room thermostat system here. >>

Programmable thermostats by VASNER » For an increase in living comfort and energy efficiency.

5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Even When Permanently Connected

If you opt for a fixed connection to the mains supply, your infrared blackboard heater can be controlled using any flush-mounted thermostat receiver. The heating device can be operated flexibly with any such system. To do so, the plug must simply be disconnected by a specialist. In this case, the 5-year warranty of the camouflaged heater will of course remain intact.

Buy an Infrared Blackboard Heater Directly in our VASNER Online Shop

Order your infrared blackboard heater directly from the manufacturer and enjoy numerous advantages. When you buy a panel heater in the VASNER online shop, you benefit from quick shipping, the choice between different payment methods and a comprehensive consultation. Like the other Citara series heaters, the chalkboard heating panel comes with 5 years of warranty and a TÜV Süd certificate. Fulfilling the highest standards of quality and safety.

You can find more information on IR heating devices and how they work in the VASNER infrared panel heater guide.

VASNER – A piece of home.

Maximum efficiency: approx. 99% of the electrical energy used is converted into thermal output.

To estimate the wattage required to heat each m², please use our online calculator >>

The ErP table for this electric heating panel can be found in the section: PDF Download.

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